I've uploaded the font file (TTP) to Fonts folder in Filezilla but it's still not showing under available fonts.

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feigner Premium
you will need rtl language support and to make sure your theme can support it
there are a few bits around on google about adding Urdu - so maybe worth doing a search
good luck
accad Premium
Do you need different fonts for your WordPress dashboard when you work on your site? Just install the plugin: "TinyMCE Advanced" and you will have all the fonts.
SimoninAsia Premium
Looking to add a font for when someone visits the site.
Ediwon Premium
Can you please send me the link?
platts05 Premium
Hi man,
Fonts on websites work a little differently to a regular PC - eg, the font folder doesn't allow you to automatically select fonts. There are several ways to implement new fonts on a site but I always recommend using fonts from Google fonts.

This will ensure they are seen on all browsers correctly.

There are plenty of plugins that allow you to use custom fonts, alternatively, you can add some code to your header to import fonts you require.

Hope that helps.

SimoninAsia Premium
Unfortunately this is an Urdu language site and Google Fonts don't have any Urdu fonts.

How do I add a custom font via a plugin or code?