Hey guys I have decided to put a background image on my site, you can check it here http://whatisinireland.com/

Its the Celtic stone design, I love the idea but I think it should line up. I have tried using photoscape to crop and combine in hope of getting a perfect match but nope. Is there any photoshop experts that may be able to help me out? I'm crap at this kind of thing.

Also maybe I'm just too fussy and it may look fine to anyone else. What do you guys think?

Update: I have done what Michaal suggested in the comments, what do you think?

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jasontw111 Premium
Thanks guys I'm going to do what Michaal said.
AriaNozomu Premium
While I am good at editing, and would love to help you, it looks as if the image itself changes size depending upon how big your computer screen is/how open you have your browser. While it could be changed to all fit, I think it would look different on different computers.
VRL Premium
Possible, but probably more hassle than what it's worth. It would have to have a color change, easiest to make it black and white and the design would be slightly altered
michaal Premium
With that image it would be almost impossible do get a perfect match. Look for "seamless celtic pattern" images. When tiled, edges of seamless image fit together seamlessly. Maybe you will not like this one, it's just an example to see what I mean.
gmegs Premium
Excellent idea - either that, or make sure the background it large enough so you don't have to tile.
jasontw111 Premium
I'' probably do that then thanks
jasontw111 Premium
have that done. What you think?
GFHaze Premium
Hi Jason,

I took a quick look at your site and I am sorry to say I do not think you will ever get all the small shots of the same item to ever line up and look natural.

I am generally not a fan of a busy background unless it draws the readers into the overall theme.

here is a video from Jay on images I hope this may assist.
My best,