I would like to build a website and later have it in another language (Mandarin).
Does anyone have any experience with using a translation ready theme?
Would I be better off picking a translation ready theme right from the start and what would be involved in getting the website converted into the other language?

Any advice appreciated!

Thank you. :)
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GPeN87Bridal Premium
Have to website scripted first. With the writing composition in .txt files then create more .txt files Translate directly to your comfortable and honest way to mandarin chinese. I have tried translation ready themes, sorry.
But with .txt files, you can easily copy and paste to the Text Html to your editing mode of your website, and there; you have both your original file, and execution/share file, hope this helps.
Note:* Sometimes Mandarin and English mix? :) Then, no issue. Go for whichever integrates your passion of the topic first, which language you can get things out more. Thanks.

suetay Premium
Thanks again! Appreciate your kind help.