Hi Everyone,
I've recently changed the theme of my website and am using envato demo now. They have beautiful templates but all my current posts need to move from one page to another which is proving really difficult.

I'm at the stage where I see two options:

1. I will just delete all my old posts, lose comments and then put them where I want them on the new theme (I really don't want to do this)

2. Site support suggests that I clone website to a temporary SiteRubix website which will enable me to play with the themes and then move everything over.

Does anyone have any experience with this and do you think that this would be easy enough for someone who isn't all that tech savvy. I just need to move my posts into the new template blog page. It sounds so simple but is causing me so much stress.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer


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Debs66 Premium
I am not sure if I read this right. I have just changed my theme also.
I would check out Jay's live training on this also.

I would also go back to site-support and ask them again.
I transitioned easily enough and have all the original posts and comments intact.
Just go back and recheck with site-support and follow Jays training on changing themes.
Debs :)
mgmalek Premium
Hi Debs and thanks so much for your reply,
It's because there are templates I want to use in envato but it seems I have to write directly into the template; like I can't move my posts across easily to the new blog page - there's a separate page with all my blog posts that doesn't have the new template.
Do you have a link to Jays' training on changing themes by any chance?> I'm not sure who is Jay or where to access his training
Have a lovely day,
Debs66 Premium
Here is Jay's training it is old. I am sure he has newer training but this is relevant still. Jay is live every week and is brilliant. :)
You too have an awesome week. . I would resubmit your ticket to site-support for sure :)
Debs66 Premium
I don't use Envato. I use Generate Press. It should be an easy process. Let us know how you go. :)
mgmalek Premium
Thanks so much!
Triblu Premium
Hey Marketa,

Using Envato's template would be like using any other developer's template. You can either check out all of their settings and change your theme to match their template.

So yes, you would need to copy your content over to their template simply because you are not changing a theme, you are using their template for their theme. Their theme is preset in their template.
mgmalek Premium
Thanks so much,
That's really helpful :)
feigner Premium
if they are indexed then you don't want to just move them as google will lose track of them
i ma pretty sure there is a redirection plugin wher you put the old url and the new url so any ranking is transferred across and visitors clicking on old links don't go to your 404 ( not found) page instead are redirected to the new page.
i take it envato demo cannot just apply a style sheet to your existing pages
i hope you manage to sort it.
mgmalek Premium
Thanks for your reply Phil,
yeah... these are all things I am worried about.
I might look into the 'style sheet' thing. I'm not sure what that means but will check.
Have a good day and thanks again for responding
marketa :)