I need your help. How and where can I put an Amazon affiliate disclosure ( which I didn't know that I needed) on my website? My theme does not offer footers. I have it on the menu pages under privacy/ affiliate disclosure. Second, I created my review post and linked to 3 products on Amazon. The problem is when I got the links to the products, they said the images weren't needed and at first I put them in myself as clickable links but then I read here at WA that Amazon won't allow that so I deleted them. I feel the images HAVE to be there. So what do I do? I don't want Amazon shutting me down either. Can you help?

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KDeJesus Premium
Hello Rob,
for your header and footer option you can get a plugin for headers and footers that can be added to your site.
I just placed my policy and disclaimer/disclosure under my home page for now. Hope this helps a little.