My visual editor is not working.

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geraldkew Premium
I didn't experience any concerns. I think it's theme specific and Katie's link to Marion has the solution, cheers!
KatieMac Premium
There are others who have been having difficulties please read this.
WayneStewart Premium
Sorry, Sandel, haven't been on for a bit. Will be getting back on this weekend. Hope you get it figured out. I had to change my browser when I was having my editor freeze on me before the upgrade.
sandel Premium
I did that yesterday and it did work. Today is doing the same thing. Am I gonna have to clear my history everyday?
Loes Premium
I had problems, yesterday, but that had nothing to do with the update, because I updated today, when you keep having troubles, contact support, they helped me within the hour
jvranjes Premium
This is not due to update, clean history in browser, restart.