I'd previous purchased some WP themes I liked. I don't see them listed in the available themes on Site Rubix. Is it okay to upload them to sites hosted on WA?

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bill808 Premium Plus
short answer YES.
I don't know what the size limit is, but if your theme is to large you will get an error msg asking if you really want to do this. Dumb msg. If you are trying to load a large theme you will have to use ftp. That is a bit scary because you have to know what you are doing and where to load your theme.
Debbi26 Premium
I know there are others that purchase WP themes and I don't see how this would be any different. Remember to make sure they're responsive themes though. I learned that the hard way.
kennnyb Premium
All themes are available to you whether paid or free
tommydillard Premium
I am sure you can just as long as they are wordpress. But to get a definate answer put in a support ticket.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
yes upload them in the usual way