Hello everybody! I just installed the "All in one security" and set the settings so that no visitor can copy my content.
The problem is that they can still copy my pictures. Does anybody know if there is a setting that can block my visitors from coping my pictures?

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Toastymarsh Premium
Thanks for posting this question Athanasia and edtay78 that plugin was exactly what I needed!
edtay78 Premium
This plugin "Content Copy Protection & Prevent Image Save" could be of help. Give it a try. Works well for my site. :)
Athanasia Premium
Hello edtay78. I found out how to set on the "content protection" but not the the image protection".
I set up the content protection by clicking on: "WP Security"-"Miscellaneous"-"Copy Protection"- "Disable The Ability To Copy Text".
Do you remember how you did the "prevent image save"?
Athanasia Premium
I fixed it. I just went on "edit page" and then "edit" in the specific picture. Then I changed the "display settings" to "none".