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WHEN YOU'RE DOING WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO BUT YOUR MIND IS THINKING BIGGER It is the beginning of a new day for me, (I wrote this Post at 5:48AM), and grateful to the Almighty for having restored me to life.While I was heading to my daily work, I began to meditate and it was interesting because even though I really like my work; My mind, in itself, was not focused on that.I am a Personal Trainer and Rehabilitation Therapist. I enjoy helping others get a better quality of life.While training someone
IF NOBODY BELIEVES IN WHAT YOU DO, BELIEVE HARDER IN YOURSELF TO MAKE THE OTHERS BELIEVERS.It's not easy to be a beginner, to walk the path of an entrepreneur or to learn to be one.Some devastating words you can hear are:-Your wasting your time.-When are you planning on making some money?.-Quit and start doing something productive.But what people don't know (sometimes the closest members of our family) is the time, passion and dedication, with extended hours, that we are giving to grow and deve
BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT TO MEETIn our daily life we meet all kinds of people.It's so wonderful that we are different, because to tell the truth, our environment would be so boring if it weren't so.We meet with family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, individuals, in short, we get to know many people in our life.Some of them we are passionate about sharing with them, others we wouldn't like them near.Each of us has our tastes and preferences.- sports- reading- clothing - religion- rela
WHAT SEED IN THE FORM OF THOUGHT ARE YOU PLANTING INTO YOUR WORK?- Are you setting your good daily habits?- Are you regularly creating goals?- Do you engage in self improvement daily?- Are you regularly taking care of personal health?- Are you often making time for relationships building?- Are you doing things in moderation?- Are you getting things done?- Are you keeping a positive outlook?- Do you reject self limiting thoughts?- Are you living within means?- Are you reading daily?- Are you lim
MARKETING IS NOT ONLY SELLING, INSTEAD, IS THE RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT BUY FROM YOU AGAIN AND AGAINAre you trying to sell or are you trying to relate first to win a sale?It is very important to understand how to relate with others.Try to be as real and authentic, as possible.I don't know if you feel the same, but for me hypocrisy can be smelled thousands miles away.I had the experience, when I was trying to be part of a Marketing Company to be the client and to feel that
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BE THE ENERGY YOU WANT TO ATTRACTWhy do you like to talk to people?Could it be, to fill your desire to be heard?Have you helped someone and felt proud of yourself and powerful?Could it be that you feel good with someone willing to help you?How do you present yourself to others? With a smile and positive energy?The words that come from your mouth are to bless, to exalt others, to reanimate the discouraged?Do others like to be close to you?Now I ask you, How is your business doing?Are you gettin
BE IN CONTROL OF THE INFORMATION FLOWA big problem that most of us have when we start is to get involved in multiple projects that try to reach the same goal. We devote a lot of energy to a series of continuous activities that lead us to a certain cerebral mental collision. When this happens our productivity is zero, challenging our growth as entrepreneurs.This can lead to discouragement, intolerance and confusion of our original goal.As a Personal Trainer and Coach, I do not overwhelm my clien
YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO, NOT WHAT YOU'LL SAY YOU DO What a powerful message, Don't you think? Words are weak when we don't put it into action. Have you told your son or daughter: "I'll be there" and guess what, you failed them? What consequence this could bring in the future? Is it worth it? That is just an example. Imagine applying this situation in all aspects of our life. How bad it can be to introduce ourselves to others in a way (or put our word as a guarantee) and when they really
September 26, 2018
Hello everyone,I hope your doing great and enjoying the ride at WA as I am. I'm going to tell you a story I heard. If is real or not I can't tell but what I can tell you is that for me it was life-changing. So, without farther introduction here we go.During a shipwreck thousands of people died that day except 2 friends. They survived and found themselves stock on a desert Island. This 2 friend were figuring out what to do to survive this hard situation. One said to the other, you are going nort