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Last Update: November 18, 2018

Regardless if it is blog posts, video or audio (or a combination of all three) you require to consistently produce excellent content. Quality content encourages visitors to share your posts -via social media and links on their own websites and blog sites. I actually have a spreadsheet of all the posts I've ever composed, and weekly I randomize the list and share about 50 and even concentrate on a handful to actually promote that week by not just sharing the title and link, however likewise taking out content and sharing it natively on social networks or including it in an e-mail newsletter.

I've seen an 86% boost in organic blog traffic by implementing this list and SEO method. Many of my articles create new organic traffic within the month that they were published, which made me conclude that it takes content 3 months to begin ranking. Constantly Refresh Old Posts: Among Google's ranking factors is content freshness, and this supposedly affects as much as 35% of Google searches; this supports research from Hubspot that reveals that blog sites that publish 16+ short articles month-to-month get 3.5 X more traffic than blogs that release less than 4 short articles monthly.

Second, a few of the visitors will be sharing your content on social channels, by means of e-mail and in messaging apps and even link to your site through a blog post, and in time those will increase your total website traffic. This will make it simple for anyone who reads your visitor post to sign up for your e-mail list however it needs that you guest post on blog sites with very engaged audiences - social shares and remarks are an excellent criteria to look at. Obviously, you'll also develop posts with links by yourself in social networks pages that elevate awareness of your content.

Leverage Hashtags when promoting your articles on Social Media: You can likewise improve your readership by using #hashtags when promoting your posts on social networks; by utilizing pertinent hashtags, you'll make your content discoverable when people look for content in your niche, and you'll also benefit from the hashtag around the time you utilized it. Research study reveals that usually, a lot of web users won't read more than 28% of words on a website; to put it simply, extensive articles will assist your search engine rankings but it will not increase the opportunities of your content being read; the more individuals read your content, the more people will share it and the more traffic you will get.

Email Individuals with lists of blogs that accept visitor posts. There are hundreds of lists of different blog sites that accept visitor posts online, and much of these lists are read by countless individuals weekly; if you accept guest posts on your blog, email these bloggers and ask them to include your blog on their list.

Offer Rewards to People Writing for You: A strategy that can give you an enormous increase in traffic to your blog is incentivizing contributions to your blog site; whether you pay writers for posts or accept guest posts, you'll be able to get more traffic by compensating individuals whose short articles become your most popular posts or get a specific variety of views in a month. By providing to pay individuals to compose articles on your blog site, and emailing the publishers of these lists to include your website, you'll be getting an instant boost in traffic and a reliable backlink.

Also make sure you constantly publish updates, and frequently recycle old articles on social networks; simply sharing your article once, or once in a while, won't cut it. Most popular bloggers share links to old posts on their blog site for several years. While not all of your social networks posts must be links to your blog site, if the blog content is of interest to your buyer persona, it will be popular on social networks. Obviously, you do not need to develop 15 posts per month prior to sharing your content on social networks and begin seeing concrete results.

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ABerkeley1 Premium
Great idea, I'll have upgrade my content making it more relevant.
kpercival55 Premium
Thanks Eugene...great reminder for me, I’ve been slacking off lately with holidays approaching, need to step it up!
JonLake Premium
Hi Eugene. Great post. Particularly love the bit about Hubspots findings. That fits in perfectly with the fact that the majority of super successful people here on WA post almost every day to their websites.

Must admit, I must increase from my current level of an average of once or twice a week!! Especially if I want to get to Vegas in 2020!!

Have a great day
Eugene Premium
Hey Jon how's the business going? Glad to hear from you again. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving BTW.
JonLake Premium
Hi Eugene,
Hope you are doing great?

All good over here thanks. Looking forward to picking up the pace in 2019 and working towards Vegas 2020

All the best

Jon and Debbie
MiaL Premium
Wonderful advice. I think this is important to build into our work routine otherwise we forget all about it.
StPaul Premium
Thanks for the great advice!
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Eugene
Great info - will do some updating for sure
RussellO1 Premium
Interesting strategy. I don't understand the hashtag concept though.
MKearns Premium
Rejuvenating your posts reignite traffic!