Life Is Too Short, So Don't Complicate Things

Last Update: June 14, 2021

Hello to all of you this Monday morning, hope you are starting a new week with high hopes and new ideas. I mentioned in my last post that since I started using videos, my traffic has gone up, and now I made another change by making my articles shorter but more "meaty" and "juicy".

I have learned quite a bit in this journey, and it takes one day at a time to put it all together. Don't complicate things, just use your common sense and you'll go farther than you can imagine.

I did not want to bore my audience with long articles but rather decided this past weekend to make them shorter and "juicy" and provide value which is the most important thing.

Sometimes we make things difficult, and then we can't figure out why they turn out this way or the other. In this affiliate marketing journey, many of us are trying to please Google and not our audience. I was writing long articles in order to be accepted by Big G but soon realized that it does not work that way.

Every one of our decisions has a consequence. I made a decision to stop pleasing Google and start caring more for my visitors. Remember that you are building your target audience, that is suited specifically for you. You need to make your move NOW and not LATER.

Bob Marley was one of my favorite artists and a very talented one. But life took him down a different path. "Life is one big road with lots of signs", and we have to know which sign we will follow. So we are responsible for our future and what we decide today will have consequences later on, so DON'T COMPLICATE IT!

So this is how simple it should be, it's all a matter of taking ACTION! Have a wonderful day!

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helenwentri2 Premium
Nice one, once again Eugene. You have nothing to lose by asking, I always say. Also applying the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) is good practice, but somehow by complicating things we may think that our work looks more professional, or by adding more, it gives more substance to our work (articles we write) etc. I don't know why we tend to complicate when we know that simplicity is by far more effective and easier to understand.
Best wishes Eugene.
Eugene Premium Plus
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏You hit it Helen right on the target.🎯
Isaiah14 Premium
This gives me encouragement Eugene, as I've not mastered writing long articles like everybody else - I might as well be writing a best selling novel.

I've recently started writing shorter, concise articles lately in the hopes of building trust rather than focusing so much on getting indexed.

Appreciate the post.
Isaiah 😊
Eugene Premium Plus
Isaiah the idea is to please our followers and not Google. Thanks for coming.
Brongsugah Premium
"Many of us are trying to please Google and not our audience!" Great piece Eugene. Some valuable nuggets. Thanks.

Eugene Premium Plus
You're welcome Maria
tdbabineaux Premium
I am so happy about your remarks saying we should please ourselves with our work and not Google.

I have had several people complain that some of my posts are too long. And I agree with them.
Eugene Premium Plus
Terry that's the proof when people complain, we're in the business to please our audience.
Newme202 Premium
Well said Eugene
If I do not go after what I want, I will never have it
Thank you for that quote
Eugene Premium Plus
You're welcome Simone