If You Still Around, Then Pat Yourself, But Don't Get Cocky!

Last Update: May 20, 2021

Hello Again, my friends. I took some time to get some things done and boy there's a lot of work to do. There are also people wanting answers and guess who's going to give it to them, YOU!!!

If you are still hanging on and believing in yourself, then I want to be the first one to congratulate you. You have done well, but again don't get cocky, there's much work to do. My website is now part of Flipboard, which provides content to 8 million people in magazine style.

Mick Meaney has given me so much value that it's unbelievable the number of high profile websites that provide mega traffic. Please LISTEN TO ME!! There is traffic for you out there in the Web sphere, but you have to go and get it. PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY FOR CONTENT!!

If you want your wishes to come true, you have to make it happen. Nobody else will do this for you, of course unless you pay them. But you are the architect of your own empire and you need to do this alone.

So if you are still standing on your own, making progress every day, being productive, vaulting over your obstacles, ignoring the haters and naysayers, learning everything you can, then you're on track. Keep moving and don't let anybody stop you.

I was watching a television series and one of the main characters said, "There is always a way". We will make many mistakes, but you must be persistent and determined. Kyle & Carson have proven to us that it can be done, and my God we will get it done.

Have you ever been in front of a speeding train? It's a scary thought but people manage to get loose and escape. Who's going to stop you now? I took some time for myself to recharge my motivation and get ready to continue. On July, I'll be one year straight that I did not quit from WA, and I intend to finish the job.

So cheer up, we are just getting warmed up for the friendly takeover of our own online businesses. Smile just like the girl in the image above and let's do it. If you fail, do it over, and over, and over until you make it work. Take some time for you to regroup and then come back with fresh ideas. Keep blogging!!

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Isaiah14 Premium
You don't have to worry about me, Eugene. I'm the furthest thing from being cocky. Appreciate the post!

Isaiah 😊
Eugene Premium Plus
I like that Isaiah
Willow29 Premium
This is great motivation. I always appreciate a dose of your encouragement. 🙂
Eugene Premium Plus
Thanks Cynthia
AndyN1 Premium
Hi Eugene
Great post as always.
All success to you in your friendly takeover.
Eugene Premium Plus
Thanks Andy, nice to see you again.
Mruxton Premium Plus
Hello Stranger, Great Post as usual,
How's thing with you.

Eugene Premium Plus
Thanks, Murray, just checking things out and recharging my batteries to continue the journey.
Suzay Premium
I'll be a cheer leader for you because you do exactly that for us. And thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to the top of my heart. I appreciate you Eugene.

"Again" is the optimal word.
I want to blow that word up. I have some physical challenges that also involve that word. But many of the mental, psychological challenges are crumbling,
NO backwards is the word ON, as in Bring it on!
Thank you Eugene, So glad you are in my life!
Eugene Premium Plus
Dear Suzay, thanks for coming, and yes I keep praying 4 u
Suzay Premium
You are The Best Eugene, and thank you !