Two Months of Premium: Niche Website Growing & Changing; Looking Through Affiliate Products &

Last Update: November 04, 2019

It's been two months since I joined and became a WA premium member. I've been keeping busy learning and writing content for my site. I've been going slower than I wanted (due to my work schedule), but I've taken a little time each day and done a lot of work going through the OEC training. There is a lot of information, but I enjoy going through the training and have not complained for a second. My self-discipline, patience, and effort have worked well, and it will pay off if I stick with a "positive-no complaining" attitude.

My niche website (quit killing time) has been a work in progress, and I'm always thinking of changes here and there. What I mean, for example, is I'm now trying to narrow down my niche audience so that I know who will read my content. I think this is crucial for me to understand so that I can get lots of traffic to my site. Through writing content, I wrote to a general audience in the beginning. Still, now I have a specific group in mind. For my niche (time management), it was employees, parents, and students. Yet, now, I aimed my focus on employees and business owners. I'm more focused on time management in the workplace for this website. Then maybe I'll do separate niche websites targeting other groups. So I'm going through some minor growing pains building the niche website. Still, I have plenty of content ideas to write about targeting one group already.

As of this writing, I'm halfway through level three of the OEC training. I'm now in the exciting (and fun) part of OEC-making money writing and promoting affiliate products. I can't believe how many affiliate networks and programs are out there to join and support products. I already have a long list of affiliates I want to write and promote on my site, so much potential ahead for unique content creation and revenue down the road. I'm going through level three carefully so that I'm targeting my niche audience with the right affiliate products. Also, I want to avoid putting a bunch of affiliate links on my site where visitors will be turned off and see it as scammy. The last thing I want out of my sight is for visitors to view me as someone who is just making a quick buck or two. I'm going to take the time and effort to do this correctly because I want to be trusted by my visitors every time they come to my site.

I know I still have a long way to go, but I'm working my way through to put all my time and energy to do my best work. Also, I've taken some time staying active in the WA platform, such as leaving comments, providing site feedback, and welcoming new WA members. Not only is it vital for me to be successful through WA, but also to help others do the same. I find myself energetic and joyful when I put some time aside to help others be successful. Each one of us on WA is here for a common purpose: we all want an increase in our standard of living, by doing what we love to do while helping others do the same as well.

Now back to learning more and doing what I enjoy.

Until next time,


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jojocinq Premium
Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work
JeffreyBrown Premium
Eric, you certainly have the right attitude. This attribute will take you far and will only enhance the success of your future business!

AndyHartley Premium
Great work Eric, keep it up!