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Last Update: Jul 28, 2021

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Recently, I checked my email with one of them saying, "Congratulations! Affiliate Sale." Well, I have to say it was a bit unexpected.

It's been a while since I've made commissions, so I was pleased to read it.

I received this commission from a website I don't update often. Generally, I write posts once or twice a month, but I still get traffic, and a lot of the posts rank well in the search engines.

The product review I wrote for this program is nearly a year old, and I was disappointed with it for some time. I thought it might be one of those posts where it won't end up converting.

As it turned out, I earned my first commission from this product review I wrote last year. Also, the payout is generous, so not too bad on the commission.

Lessons Learned and Revisited

Getting started with affiliate marketing and creating a website isn't always easy. As other Wealthy Affiliate members have noted, this business can bring surprises (and it's fun)! It's good to look at my recent commission as another example.

As Kyle mentioned before, the dividends (the payouts) typically don't show up until later on. For some of us, our objective is to build businesses that can be significant digital assets over time.

Achieving success may not happen right away. The massive success or payoffs may not occur for another 5-10 years on a long-term horizon. That's the time horizon I can see exponential growth for my online business(es).

The excellent product review (after editing, getting the basic SEO together, inserting affiliate links, and sharing on social media) may not yield commissions tomorrow or next week. But sometimes, it may take a year or more until the payoffs come to your door.

Eventually, that one product review (or multiple of them) can pay you generously several years down the road. That can turn into a nice income stream (and lucrative if you choose high commission affiliate programs).

I think it's a neat lesson on mindset and creating wealth. Developing a rich mindset is something I struggled with early on. But I am getting better at it (instead of a poor mindset where people work for money, then spend most of it with a little leftover).

But that is a topic for another post!

My Takeaways

Since that product review is ranking well, I'll update it soon. It's an excellent time to get in a position to convert better. In addition, I'll continue to revisit the training and take advantage of the weekly webinars.

My recent commission was possible due to the Wealthy Affiliate training (OEC). If you're someone who is in doubt whether it works, think again.

If you're starting out, go through (and revisit) the training and take action when needed. I believe that it works, and it will work if you take action.

If you're still not seeing results, don't give up. Quitting is the ultimate failure. If you were like me lately, keep in mind that you need to keep going. You never know when your first (or next commission) will come.

It may be sooner than later- or should I say:

Final Words

It takes discipline, effort, and patience to see the results that you want. Your time will come.

To those who are struggling or new, keep going. You have come to the right place to start an online business and succeed.

With the many resources and supportive community here, I enjoy making the most out of my time. Everything you need is here for you to pursue your goals.

Indeed- I hope you find this post helpful moving forward. Make the most out of your time at WA!

Until next time,



Recent Comments


Eric, congratulations! That's awesome! You are right, it isn't always easy and it takes time but the feeling is amazing, isn't it? :-) I know myself how I felt when I received my first commission from a website I hardly work on.
Your advice to the newbies is great.

Thank you, Lenka :)

Yes, it can take some time before the commissions start rolling in. As I wrote about, it's been a year since I started promoting the affiliate and wrote the product review.

It was a while, but it’s worth waiting once your website matures and gets more traffic (as with my website now that it’s 2 years old).

I always like sharing my advice to new people. It helps now and then to motivate new members to get excited about building an online business (especially at WA).

All the best,


Congratulations Eric,

As you have said you do the work today and you can get paid in a few months or even a year.
Updating that piece of content will surely produce more results for you.

The training does work if you implement it and keep going.

Kind regards,


Thanks, Lisa :)

Yes, that's the whole idea behind the WA training. Especially for beginners, the desire to make money now (like today) is real.

That's how it was for me when I started. But I learned over time that's not the case. As you know by now, the training provided is designed to build an online business for the long term.

You won't see results now, but most likely it'll be months or years before the fruits of our labor payoff. It's something we need to remind ourselves each day.

At this point, it's best to keep it going. Who knows what kind of magic will take place next. That's what I like about being in an online business.

Great points, for sure.

All the best,


You are very welcome Eric :-)

Well done

Thank you, Geoffrey :)

All the best,


Great idea Eric to update that review you will learned other tips and tricks since then to make it better. Well done on the commission may it be the first of many

Thanks, Catherine :)

Yes, that's my plan now that my writing has improved over time. Certainly since I wrote that product review a year ago. It’ll look even better going forward.

Many more commissions to come, for sure.

All the best,


Well done.

Thanks, much appreciated :)



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