Close to 90 Day Mark: More Writing, More Video Reviews, & An Active Helper On WA

Last Update: Nov 18, 2019

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(I post bi-weekly updates on how I've been doing and what I'm up to lately. This method works best for me to share my progress with the community. I would love to post more often, but I'm committed to prioritizing my time on my niche website- as most of you should be doing as well. I am committed to long-term success, and I remain focused every day to accomplish my goals.)

Well, I have to say- I've been a busy bee hustling and grinding at it through the OEC training. Nearly 90 days since joining WA, it's incredible to see how far I've come along and how much more is yet to accomplish in the coming weeks and months. I'm slowly going through the OEC training. Still, I've managed to push myself the last two weeks to go faster and get more done in a fashionable time frame. Back in September, I set a goal to finish the OEC training by the end of the year (which is only six weeks away!). I probably would've finished it by now, but due to my work schedule, I'm going at a slower pace. But that's fine with me because I've learned to set little time each day to go through OEC and build my niche site.

What I've been up to the last two weeks:

Writing More Content Than Ever

I've been writing more often than I have in the previous five and a half years (that is when I graduated college). The more content I put out, the more natural and comfortable it becomes when I make it a good practice. I have an advantage with my writing skills since it is my strength, and when I write about topics I'm interested in, I enjoy writing in my free time. Also, I get in a good habit of writing down thoughts I have in mind before I write out any content. I do this because it makes writing less daunting and more manageable for me to write out clear, concise points in my posts. When I started with OEC, I would stick to one job, be pokey, and take my time. But in the last week alone, I managed to write and publish four posts on my niche site. I've learned that if I want to see success over time, I need to write more content regularly.

My Niche Site is Partially Monetized (affiliate links are up)

Now that I finished level 3 of OEC, I have a couple of affiliate links on my site and wrote some product reviews as well. Additionally, I've gone a step further and made some videos on some posts I've written. For example, I did a brief screen recording on a book I read recently, and I added that as an addition to my writing. In my spare time, I've managed to make videos and post them on YouTube for the last few months, so I've used this skill to make videos for my product reviews. I may or may not do video reviews, but I'm still testing it out. Now that I have some affiliate links up, I have to work on getting traffic to my site (as most of us are working on)!

Remain An Active Helper In Our Community

Each day, I do the best I can to give site feedback and leave comments for other niche sites. I'm never shy about shouting out to new premium members, and I'll continue to do that. I managed to help out my fellow's because we are a supportive community who have similar goals in mind. Whether that is an increase in the standard of living, obtaining financial freedom, or work-life balance, these goals make it so enjoyable to be part of the WA platform. I'm glad to have support and shout-outs from other members here and there.

Also, I've learned a few things from other people giving me feedback on my niche site. Though I appreciate the positive feedback, I'm always open to constructive criticism. Some critics I have gotten helped me make minor and major changes to my site. Not only I have improved my niche site, but it helped become a content creator and eventually much more successful down the road. So I appreciate any honest feedback (good or bad) on my progress. Below are a few screenshots of my site before and after:



The "after" doesn't look very stellar, but a much improved one than the previous post

At The Moment

Currently, I'm doing level 4 training for OEC. So I'm starting to understand the importance of social media for business success. I know that social media is an excellent marketing tool and another approach to obtaining more followers (and more traffic).

I look forward to the potential to grow my online presence and reach more followers.

Until next month, time to get back to work!

For those who live in the US- Happy Thanksgiving!

-Eric (Pen Name: Rick)

Recent Comments


Wow, Eric, you're moving right along. Many here--including myself--can learn a lot from your example! Keep up the GREAT work!


Hi Eric, you are doing well, I wish I were there, I'm only in level 2.



Thanks, Isilda,

No worries, you'll get there soon. Take your time and make an effort to do your best. If you stick with good habits, the hard work will pay off down the road.

Best wishes,


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