WA Rank change from 22,468 to 3,358 in one day of premium ?

Last Update: September 08, 2015


Today I have another achievement for me ! Im working hard on lessons and trying to grow up own online very slowly and trained. I have changed websites several times, deleting, editing etc. But now I know what I want to write about. Money online for free ! In our country there much scammers. I want to make bilingual site,in English language ( I need to also work on it ) and in Slovak Language for fellow Czech brothers and other national members !

Now Im focusing on this site and I want share wealthy affiliate with them. And make throught first hard week.

Have a nice day everyone !

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KevinRoss Premium
I am REALLY amazed, and commend you on your hard work and effort to achieve such awesome results in such a short period of time.

I can't figure out why I'm not ranking on the pages I have SEO'ed. And it's one of the main reasons I joined WA was getting down SEO techniques that would allow me to rank well in the search results.

In addition to networking with other like-mind and successful entrepreneurs. PLUS all of the amazing training WA offers with their resources.

I am, no doubt open, to any suggestions Erikonjones2 you may have starting in WA for learning more about SEO. I am ecstatic with your achievements.

I bid you the best in your online journey for creating a successful Web business. Take care :-)
Erikonjones2 Premium
Hi Kevin,

Sorry about missleading you maybe, but I was about WA rank, nt overal google rank. :)

For website: I have a same problem that Im not ranked on google, but Ok, its second day, just take arest and work on it ! had checked tutorials twice and everytime I learned something new.
If I dig the opinion how to get into, I will hit you up with message, dont worry :)

Our goals is same, have some aditional income, but we need to work on it hard, harder !

have a nice day!
KevinRoss Premium
Hay ... That's still OK man. You still earned the recognition, and I'm still excited for you. And I still wish you the best, and I'm confident you will succeed.

I look forward to any advise and/or suggestions you may have to help out. I will do the same for you too :-)