I erased some post from site with pages. So i want your help

Last Update: September 16, 2015

Hello everyone, sorry for bothering with this, but I erased my website on siterubix, I dont know how but I made it. I had there a comments, a few , maybe eight, and I dont know how to get them back. IF there is any chance to get them back it will be great if no, can you leave some comments ? I found only course One lesson what I wrote about how it is in wealthy affilaite site, and amazon funny problem. So If you have a time, leave me there something.

EDIT : Now checked it and there is more missing content in each lesson, oh :(

Have a nice day


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MoritzS Premium
To avoid something like this from happening, you should make regular back ups of your site.
You can use the export/import tools from wordpress for that.

Since it is too late for this now, you should contact SiteSupport.
WA makes back ups from your sites, too.
Contact them, and they will most likely be able to help you.


I hope your problem can be solved!