How do I know about this site ? Was I sceptic about it or no ?

Last Update: September 07, 2015


Before I will start this short blog I want to sorry my english. I will make it better and better with this community and other people.

So where I can start. Im young boy as you can see, and there was a few moments when I tried some NON LEGIT sites on google to make some passive income. Yes I think you tried too. I was for first time HURRAY ! I made first 100 usd lets get them to account but there was few problems ! I found that the page is non legit and I will not be able to get the money. So I focus on other stuff , Im military colleector and have some stuff what I need to sell. There was mine pasive income for few months ! But here it is, I hav a girlfriend and we are in love ( yes hehe ). We are planning some future about us and we want to have own house. So I started again to search internet and looking for _ How to make some aditional money on internet without aditional charges . Searched lot of sites about it and finally found ! It was on Nessa´s page.

So I loged for first time and starting read all materials what I can. I passed Bootcamp, and Course One on Get Started here.

I was sceptic about going to premium : I had 6 minutes to buy the offer ( 19 usd / first month ) So I asked on Chat about it how can I cancel it, how can I move with it etc. You know, sceptic questions haha. For me 19 usd / 47 usd is big money on Europe in Slovakia, so I wanted to be sure about it.



Thi is a short story, maybe I will continue this story in few days, when I will try everything here. Also prepairing site about the wealthy Affiliate, where sceptic people can join and discuss about it. Also there will be few tips for beginer also descibed menus etc. So Im happy to be with this community !


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Michelle04 Premium
Congrats on making the decision to go premium, Erik. I think your decision is one that won't be regretted. Best to you as you continue on with your training and create your own online business! :)