Taking Down Affiliate Banners

Last Update: August 25, 2017

Hi all, it's been awhile. First of all, my thoughts are with those in Texas as Harvey closes in. Please be safe!

I have been doing some pondering lately. It seems that I have received quite a few emails explaining from different affiliates that they will no longer be associated with a certain affiliate network, and to please follow them to their new space. Thats cool. But it got me wondering........

I have admittedly stopped blogging on one of my sites for more than a month. So this is my fault, no one else's. However, even when I was blogging all the time I was getting very little traffic, and no sales. It got me thinking about what Jay said on one of his awesome webinars awhile back, that if a post doesn't rank on page one of Google, he wouldn't add affiliate banners or links to the posts. I mean, what's the point, right?

It took the upteenth email from affiliates that I support to have an epiphany hit. They were moving and wanted me to follow them. But why not go through all of my posts and just delete them anyway? Why not work on getting posts ranked on Google's first page, get some decent traffic, start to interact with some people who are interested in the site, then monetize? It kind of slapped me right in the noggin.

Maybe if I did the proper keyword research, and really worked on getting ranked better without the affiliate banners, things would move forward. I am not chasing money around, and I am not desperate to get rich, so why not reassess my tactics.

Please let me know what you think about this. Would you get rid of all the affiliate banners, then work hard to get more traffic? Does doing this potentially re energize my previous posts, without Google seeing all of the affiliate banners? Maybe help push up the rankings by doing this change of tactics?

My motto for this post: "Just Listen To Jay" I think he knows what he is talking about lol

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Dmorrow Premium
I do think you should listen to Jay. He really, really, really knows what he's talking about. I don't guess it would hurt to leave a banner or two but, really, until you have good traffic they're not doing a whole lot for you.

bigrog44 Premium
That's a good question.