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Last Update: June 06, 2017

Since I started here at WA, it has been a fun learning experience! I was never all that technical, computers and me have had a love/hate relationship over the years. However, WA has given me the ability to become more comfortable with technology, learning more about social media(other than just hanging out there), and learning what it is like to own a website and to contribute to it on a weekly basis. Although I was not consistently involved with contributing to my site on a regular basis from the beginning of my journey here at WA, now I can honestly say that I have been consistent with posting to my site at least 3 times a week for around 3 months now. I have learned a lot, and am more focused than ever to make this work, no matter how long it takes. I'm in it for the long haul. I will make money someday with affiliate marketing, I truly believe that with all my heart. But.........

I will admit that I get a bit discouraged sometimes, as we all do. The training that I get from the webinars on Friday nights with Jay are outstanding. I always take away useful insights, and have been implementing Jay's advice, and I feel that I am really falling into a routine, especially when it comes to posting to my site. I don't think I've missed a webinar in six months or more, except the latest one about Youtube, and that's because I was on my way to Virginia to see the beginning of the US leg of Iron Maiden's 2017 Book of Souls tour. I'll give myself a pass on that webinar, and will watch the replay. Music is my passion, and that is what my site is about. I enjoy posting cd reviews 3 times a week minimum. I love it, but......

That darn "but" again, I can't get away from it. I sort of would like to start making some money blogging, any money, even $1.00 would make me extremely happy, and I would consider that a win. But as I post and I check Google Analytics, I see no real traffic, I get some hits from many countries all over the world. Mostly 1 hit from Britain, or 1 hit from Canada, or maybe a couple hits from here or there, but nothing major is happening. Kind of frustrating, but I keep pushing forward, because I know with time and consistency and passion, the time will come when my site will monetize.

Through all my whining and frustration, my message to anyone out there who is giving it their all, and it seems they are not getting anywhere, is to NEVER, EVER quit. Quitting in not an option, so keep on plugging away, do your best, be passionate about what you do, and DO IT CONSISTENTLY. That is the key to success.

So, anyone out there who like's different kinds of music, especially psychedelic sixties music, come on by and check out the site Not to click on banners and buy stuff, but just to say hello. This is what makes this community so awesome! The positivity here is contagious, so send some love and positive vibes to my site, and I will reciprocate in kind back to you on yours.

We are all in this together!!

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Dmorrow Premium
There are people out there who share your passion. You just need to keep doing what you're doing and you will find them!
EricKarch1 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement!
pablocortina Premium
I agree with you. We must never quit. The earnings will come at some point. Like you say, we just have to be consistent.