Why You Should Always Invest Into Yourself

Last Update: April 26, 2019

Investing into yourself is easily the smartest investment you can make. When you invest into yourself you can create a lifetime of returns. But investing into yourself requires more than just investing time. It also requires investing money. But why?

People reach out to me daily, especially on Instagram, asking me how I travel so much. I tell of my passion for travel and how I've gone about finding a way to fund those travels. They'll reply, "Oh yeah, I've looked into affiliate marketing. But I'm training myself with all the free info online."

Sounds like a plan. :)
And It's true. There's free information everywhere.

However, if acquiring information was the key to success then we'd all be millionaires with 6 pack abs, right? Information is literally at our fingertips and freely available 24/7.

We all have access to public libraries, the internet, Google... heck, you can just talk to your phone and instantly know how old Michelle Pfeiffer is if you wanted to (She's 60, by the way. Thanks, Siri.)

However, it's not availability of information that's the problem. It's direction.

We need direction to organize all this information and put it on a linear track so that we can follow it step by step to find our success. THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES. And it's for that reason that investing into ourselves and getting the right training and direction is the key.

Now, let's be smart about this.

Do you want to invest $10k-$20k into starting an online business? How long will it take for you to be profitable with that kind of initial debt? Probably a very long time.

How about $100-$200/month? I would think that kind of investment would be very reasonable to have a sustainable business that brings you much more than that in returns.

But with any investment into ourselves comes the most important part of that investment: investing the time to work hard, stay driven, and make the training work.

When you invest, say $100-$200/month, into building a business, the returns don't come immediately. They come later on down the road.

It'd be nice if we were all Neo and could sit in a chair, plug into the Matrix, and have affiliate marketing success (and Kung Fu) uploaded to our brain in a matter of seconds.

But we're not Neo. We don't know Kung Fu.
It takes actual WORK.

We see people all the time who say, "Ok, I'm gonna give this a chance. My goals are to build an online business bringing at least $75k-$100k per year. I've created my free starter account, and I'll be dedicating an hour a day to the training, When I start earning revenue, then I'm going all in with premium and dedicating way more time to it. See you at the top!"

Do you see all the holes in that logic?

What would you tell a kid who wants to be a premier athlete who says he'll practice one day a week, and then when teams start calling him showing interest that he'll go all in with his dedication?

It seems pretty obvious why that way of thinking is doomed from the start when you take a look from a different perspective, doesn't it?

I mean, seriously, in what reality can you dedicate an hour a day to a business and expect it to grow to full time revenue? Maybe in the Matrix. But we've already established that we can't stop bullets with our minds, right?

The key with investing into yourself is recognizing the opportunity and then taking massive action to make it work.

Pull the trigger. When you invest into yourself, you're doing so for the promise of a lifetime of returns. But to get there you have to be willing to put in the work. It's true across the board and it's true with affiliate marketing.

Don't focus on commissions. Focus on learning. Learning comes now. Commissions come later.

Follow the training that has been laid out AND FULLY ORGANIZED for you here at Wealthy Affiliate. Sure, most of the info itself is available for you for free out there on the internet. Tips on building websites are out there online. Strategies for SEO can be found on YouTube.

There's also plenty of medical books in your local public library free for you to grab if you want to become a doctor while you're at it. :)

Invest into yourself, and take full advantage of everything Wealthy Affiliate provides for you.

We've already established that $100-$200 per month would be a reasonable investment to build a successful business, right? Well, guess what? WA costs less than $1/day.

Remove excuses and doubt and just build and learn.

The training here at WA absolutely delivers. There are success stories happening daily. I can guarantee you one thing, though, none of those success stories happened overnight or without hard work. Everyone started at square one.

But they all invested into themselves and made that investment pay off.

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EddySalomon Premium Plus
Great article Eric. I totally agree! It drives me crazy when i hear people say oh I'll give this a try and if it pays i'll put in more work. Your analogy about sports is perfect and one i'll use in the future. If Michael Jordan had the same mentality he probably would have never been the best basketball player.

But no, he knew there were already great basketball players killing it and he didn't need to wait to see if he could. He wanted to ensure that he would so invested the time and energy.

Affiliate marketing is proven, it's not something you need to test. If it didn't work then companies like Amazon wouldn't have an affiliate program. It's up to you to invest in yourself to master the proven business model. Not tip top into it.
ericcantu Premium Plus
Absolutely! We see it all the time and that kind of mentality just makes no sense to me. They're short changing themselves every time.
EddySalomon Premium Plus
Indeed Eric
DNyaku Premium
Well put Eric. Thanks for the share. Learn now, commissions later...got it!
ericcantu Premium Plus
It's definitely the best way to succeed! We are set up for success and it's just a matter of being coachable and being stubborn with our own success :)
CandP Premium
Great post, Eric!
It is a learning curve that requires patience and there is no fast track to success.
The step-by-step training here is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve long term goals.
We have our marathon shoes on for this one.
Thanks and have a great weekend.
Colette and Philip
ericcantu Premium Plus
We are absolutely set up for success here! Thank you!
Vasiliy Premium
This is really amazing. I just hope people who chase fast money all read this post.
ericcantu Premium Plus
It's all about the hard work, first and foremost. Thanks!
MikaelM Premium
Very nicely said Eric.
ericcantu Premium Plus
Thanks, Mikael!