Wealthy Affiliate Review: My Journey to $1600 Per Month from One Website Built with this Awesome Tra

Last Update: Nov 4, 2017


Wealthy Affiliate Review: The training here at Wealthy Affiliate absolutely works.

Whether you've just gone premium, or you're a member with experience, the training here at Wealthy Affiliate delivers when you trust the system, are patient with your progress, and stay driven, focused, and dedicated.

Progress reports like this one are made to show those taking that first big step exactly what you're in store for. When I first started with Wealthy Affiliate in January of 2017, I had no background in website building or website design, and definitely knew nothing about affiliate marketing.

I found a Wealthy Affiliate review, saw that you could create a free starter account to try out this training free of charge, and I never looked back. Around day 2 of my free account, I went premium and it's the best decision I've made. Seeing this all for the first time? Create your free starter account now!

The community here at Wealthy Affiliate is a welcoming & mentoring one. From the top down, Kyle, Carson, & Jay guide you step by step through this awesome training platform on how to build your business the right way.

Never built a website before? No problem. Have a website already but need traffic? You're in the right place. Need help turning traffic into revenue? You've found what you're looking for.

This training platform is a true one stop shop. From the course lessons and their step by step video tutorials, to the weekly live video classes with their interactive mentoring, to the in-depth training on affiliate marketing, to the amazing tools we're given here for keyword research, content writing, and more, all the way to the advanced courses we have on scaling our business forward, social media marketing, pay per click campaigns, consistent high ranking in google, email lists, landing pages, and more, Wealthy Affiliate delivers on its promise to train you to have a successful online business of your own.

After creating your free account, go premium as soon as possible, and then to take full advantage of everything you have in front of you and have the lowest membership dues possible, upgrade to the yearly membership.

How incredible is it to have all this training and mentorship for only an average of $29/month? That's what you get with yearly membership and I highly recommend it.

As with everything else in life, you have to work hard to get to your goals. This isn't some "done for you" system with claims of retiring you in 100 days or plugging you into a system that "does 90% of the work for you". This is reality. In real life, to be successful you have to work.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the exact steps to follow to make your dreams of being your own boss a reality. Wealthy Affiliate points you in the right direction and the community here actually cares about your success.

I hope this serves as an adrenaline shot for you. Attack the course lessons, get to work, and take this training to heart.

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This is pretty motivating. When you first started did you promote WA? I am just curious because I was going the affiliate Bootcamp way and then I saw so many people saying no that is the wrong route if you have no experience in making money online and it is wrong if you have no idea of what WA has to offer. So, I would like to hear your thoughts since you came in with no idea what so ever of affiliate marketing, just like me...This would really help me out here. Thanks again for sharing...

Thank you so much!

I began with the bootcamp. The two courses actually mirrored each other a lot and weren't so different from each other at all at the beginning of the year when I started. With new updates I'm not sure if that's changed a bit or not, but at their core they're very similar. One is just specific to promoting WA.

People who say the make money niche is too saturated don't fully understand the concept of affiliate marketing. This training shows you how to attack that niche with very specific posts. And when people think they can't promote something they haven't had success with yet, that just an excuse that doesn't make sense.

When you're given the task of presenting a book report to your class in school do you tell the teacher you can't present that report because you're not yet an expert? Of course not. You do the research and then you present the information. There are obvious success stories all over the place here in the WA community, so with the site you build you do the research, show how this training has the answers people are looking for, and you present that via a blog post.

Kyle, Carson, Jay, and all the other great mentors here walk everyone through this step by step giving us all the tools necessary to do it right with keyword research tools, SEO training, youtube training, etc. And then once you do have success, of course you leverage that success to have even more.

I'm honestly not sure why people steer others away from the Bootcamp when they're new. Kyle himself shows in the welcome videos that affiliate bootcamp isn't some "expert" level training, it's training that works no matter what experience level you're at. You grow and you build and before you know it you really are doing more advanced level tactics even though you started with no experience. It's great!

Bottom line: If your absolute passion is helping others out there just like yourself who are looking for this same kind of training platform, then the WA bootcamp is the spot to start.

If your passion is elsewhere, then the green certification course is the place to be. And the great thing is, over time, you can have sites using both :)

Thank you, for your response and yes it all makes sense. I was thinking along the same lines but, I guess I seconded guess myself after I heard that if we did not have experience you should not be presenting something to someone but, I am glad to hear from you as you started off in the same position that I am trying to come from,no experience to experienced. So, this makes me feel relieved.

Now, I can continue with my journey and follow through with the training so that I can help other realize that it is possible to make money from home.

I appreciate your response and help on clarifying things for me..

To your success,

Absolutely. Soon enough, you'll be able to use your success as a testimonial to others :) Keep it up!

Thank you for the encouragement!

Thank you for clarifing that new premium members alike can also take advantage of bootcamp. I was hesitent as well because I wasn't sure if I could bring to the table enough expereince as someone else who had already successfully created a successful niche and had an income base to show and that could be shared with potential new WA affiliates looking to join.

I suspect the question of how much money I have personally made with WA will very likley be asked when I begin my own promotion of the WA affilate program. Do you have any specific advise that you can share for newcomers like myself who have not yet earned a dime yet on this platform? Specifically I'm curious as to the best way to approach this kind of inquiry without sounding like I'm promoting something I have little expereince with?

Thank you in advance!

You have to think about it like this: It's not about how much money you're making with the platform, it's really about recommending how solid this training and the community is.

For example when someone recommends a camera to you, for example, do you ask them how long they've been a professional photographer? Of course not. You see they have similar interests as you, so you take their recommendation.

That's all your promotion of WA needs to be. If you're writing about building traffic to a site, you show your reader in your post exactly how to do that based on what you've learned here at WA, then you leverage that answer into your reader diving deeper into WA's training if they want to learn more about building a full business. Or if you were writing about building a site, you show your reader exactly how to do that and how easy it is through WA, then leverage that into recommending the full WA platform. How much money you make never has to come into the conversation.

You're not promoting how much money you can make with WA, you're promoting WA as the answer for someone looking for solid training :)

I Appreciate your response. It makes perfect sense. I have to remind myself that it’s ALL about learning and training and selling others on how wonderful it is.

You and I and the rest of the WA community is here because we believed that WA is an exceptional platform. It’s easy to over think the basics.

Thanks for the analogies :)

Always glad to help!

Thank you for this! This is excellent advice. :)

So far I can honestly say that WA is one of the best Affiliate Marketing training sites I’ve been on. No disrespect to the other sites I’ve tried, and there are a couple good ones out there, but I’m just impressed with what I’ve been through already.
Thanks, Eric!

Absolutely! I’m so glad you’ve become a part of this awesome community. It’s a great place to learn and grow and I’m really happy you found this.

This is awesome! Can I use your comment as a testimonial?

Thank you very much for this article. it gives encouragement to new comers of WA without any background of website marketing. I am one of them, know nothing just start it. This article let me see the future hope:) Wow, $1600, every month, congratulations! I wish follow the steps, I will reach it soon:)

It's all there to be had :) Take full advantage of the training and follow Kyle's direction. He's a great teacher!

Hey Batman ... you are a great WA success story. It takes a special drive to work hard enough to make this work in less than a year.

Are you going to make the cut by the end of the year to be K&C's guest in Las Vegas in January? What number are you at under the airplane tab at the top? That would be a record I think ... WA Super Affiliate in first year.

Thanks for all the support Dennis! I think there’s been a few that made the Vegas trip their first year. A few months ago I didn’t think this would be reachable for me :) just goes to show how great this training is. Thank you!

The training IS the best. The drive to make it happen is a special attribute. I like your WA Affiliate site. Doesn't look like you've taken the scam review approach.

Thank you! I appreciate that. I'm excited as I have lots more planned for that site. Wouldn't be possible without WA.


Congratulations for your success thus far. Also, thank you for sharing your story. It makes me realize that my success hasn't matched your because I have not been disciplined enough to focus on actually doing what the training suggests we do. The good news is that today is a new day.

Thank you for the inspiration and wililingness to help others achieve success.

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're all guilty of getting sidetracked from time to time, right? The key to remember is that this system is built by people who have made the mistakes we don't need to make. By trusting in the system and following each and every step, Kyle really does set us up for success. Let this be like a weight being lifted off your shoulders and it makes the journey that much more enjoyable!

:) Thanks for the support!

I'd say, the Batman knows best! I love this community and the platform itself has taught me more in my one year than anything in all previous years of my (internet) life. I've yet to earn anything, except, of course, experience and knowledge and to me that is priceless. Now, it's time to put all of this into action and start seeing returns on my investment.

Thanks Eric.

I wish you continued success,

Thank you so much for the support Sue! This training really delivers and its so awesome to be a part of this community :)

Wow Eric. These are awesome results man! Well done.
How do you do this so quickly?! :D

I work really hard but have hardly anything to show for it after nearly a year. Still struggling to find what the problem is.
137 referrals but 0 have gone premium. Tried so many different strategies that were suggested here on WA by experts but still failing and can't even cover my membership yet lol

I'm glad to see it working because it always gives me hope that eventually things will improve if we just stick to the training and work hard like you say.

Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational post and being a shining example for all of us here at WA! ;)

Best regards,

You'll get there man, you just have to keep pushing and creating quality content like you have been. Reach out to Kyle directly, and if you have already, reach out again. He's a great help and he's helped me more times than I can count.

Thanks Eric, I have no intention of giving up that's for sure but it is quite frustrating to work hard and get no results or constantly feel like I'm doing something wrong.

I have reached out to Kyle for help several times and asked for advice, asked him to have a look at my site and give me some tips and he doesn't really have time it seems to pin point what I should focus on so I am stumbling on lol :p

I'm glad you are succeeding Eric, it is really motivating to see your results and proves this will work for anyone who is determined.

Sa-weeeet Eric. Well done!
You started after me so I have some catching to do however I have had results and know this is the place to be and to just keep on keeping on. It will be upwards from here and your hard work is obviously paying off. I do know you are in one of the tougher niches as well but it still works - and only because you are!
You may make Vegas..... meet you there one day!

That's where my target is set :) Gonna do everything I can to get there! Thank you!

Fantastic results and congratulations on your success! I have added this testimonial to the long list of tagged posts I collect and show to people when they ask whether what you learn with Wealthy Affiliate really works or not...

Bottom Line: It does! No matter the niche (many of the success stories I have earmarked are NOT related to WA referrals/upgrades) the basic tenets you learn just work!

Dave : )

You're absolutely right. The core elements I've learned here are helping me to build more riding on the momentum of this success. What a great platform we're a part of. Thank you for the support!

Awesome! Good for you, man!

I want that so bad I can taste it. My problem is focus... or the lack thereof. I am getting better, but I let myself get distracted too often.

WA has been good to me and has resulted in me earning some money online, but what I am doing right now it writing content for other people's sites. I earned about $680, which I am very grateful for given that it was my only income for the month, but I need to focus more on my own stuff. You can bet that if they could pay me $680 to do their writing for them, they are probably earning at least double that.

I am rededicating myself (again) to my WA site and hoping for the best. I would be simply ecstatic to get commissions like that.

Nice going Craig! $680 is a good amount, I would be happy earning just half that for a start or anything! :)

Rededicating yourself to this awesome training is what it's all about. Earning that kind of money for writing is going to set you up for success. You're a huge help to so many people here, Craig, it's just a matter of time :)

I appreciate you saying that and I hope it's accurate!
I took a look at your site and it's made me realise how much more work I have to do, but I will get there eventually.

I think it's a great practice to see what others have done with their sites via SiteFeedback and SiteComments and the give and take comment thread. When I see things I like I always use that as inspiration, or maybe I see something that I don't like and take note of it in the same way so that I can better my own. It's a continually changing and evolving process :) The key is to continually work and push forward :)

I am very happy with it, but it actually just serves to stoke the flames of my ambition. Lol.

This isn't though affiliate marketing, mind you. I would prefer to be earning that through my site, because then I would know that it is something that will grow. As it is, this represents about the maximum amount of paid work I can accept at the moment, so I don't think I will do much better than that until my site takes off.

congrats Craig!!

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