The Mindset You Need for Success at WA

Last Update: June 01, 2020

I think the most common question new members have when joining WA is "What's the real secret to success?"

"If I attack the training with a specific schedule I've given myself, and I stick to it religiously, will I have steady commissions coming in 2-3 months, realistically?

"It's May right now, so if instead of writing one post every time the lessons instruct me to, I write, say, 2 or 3, can I springboard myself into revenue of $100-$500/month by August?"

Here's how your mindset needs to be with WA: It's not about how much you can earn in the next 2-3 months, it's about how much you can learn in the next 2-3 months.

Tell yourself you're going to learn as much as possible and grow as much as possible for the next 6 months by following the training like a robot, expecting zero in terms of commissions.

Trust the system, following every lesson to a tee, finishing the tasks asked of you, publishing articles regularly, taking breaks when instructed, getting engagement through comments, sharing relevant posts here and there through social media, but most importantly following the training LIKE A ROBOT 100%.

And by that I mean follow it the way Kyle, Carson, Jay, and the course lessons teach. Don't come up with your own ways to do it that you think might be better. Don't take on extra work you see others who have been in way longer are doing because it's almost guaranteed that they didn't start off doing that work. Your business evolves over time, but the start is the same: stick to the training.

The system absolutely works and every single success story that comes out of WA seemingly daily is testament to that.

Don't worry about analytics, or how many clicks you got on your page, or how many commissions you've received, just work and build. And when 6 months comes around, look at how much you've grown and learned, and that's it.

Resolve yourself to do it all over again, learning and growing again as much as you can for another 6 months.

It's only when you do those things that the rest falls into place. If you go into it giving yourself a random commission deadline that no one else is giving you (and one that there's really no need for), all you've done is built a way for your mind to think you've failed.

So don't create a path that fails. Just build and learn. I know people hate that answer, but there's a reason everyone who's had some success gives it. There's no real way around it.

It takes the pressure off, too. I told myself when I started that I would just follow the training like a robot and in 6 months I'd see how much I had learned and how much I liked it. It had nothing to do with commissions and that allowed me to just follow the training without any pressure.

That's the best way to work.

You don't jump into medical school coming up with your own way of training while taking on extra work that you see seasoned doctors taking on, right? That would be senseless. So don't do that with this business either.

Take one step at a time, make your brain a sponge, and follow what works. :)
That's how you have success at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Tirolith Premium
“Discipline is the foundation for a Healthy, Wealthy life.” Tom Short.

“Thinking of yourself as a success expands your ability's in life.” Tom Short.

“Working against the odds may seem hard but positive quality results create a stimulating success of lifetime value.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time,

ericcantu Premium
"Thanks for chiming in!" - Tom Short.
lynnsam61 Premium
Great post. Focus on the learning and the earning will come in due time.

ericcantu Premium
Glad you enjoyed this!
ShellBee2020 Premium
Great post, Eric - I will be revisiting it as necessary!
ericcantu Premium
Thank you!
KatiMouse Premium
Thanks so much! I'm also a new Premium member feeling overwhelmed with all the learning ahead, but I'm working on keeping my mind focused on just one lesson at a time. Once I understand the lesson, I move on.

I look forward to building a good, strong business here, as well as new friendships!


ericcantu Premium
And you will! :)
Remember what a good "problem" it is to have so many tools and resources available to you as opposed to having a feeling of "that's it?", lol.

Keep up the great work!
KatiMouse Premium
Thank you, Eric
DSamveljan Premium
I like the idea! I will try to focus on growing my business without paying attention to how much I can or can't earn at a particular time.
I do understand that I need to learn first.
But I am really curious why are you using 6 months term? Did it work for you?
I want to be inspired by your concept of thinking by knowing if it is effective and taken from your experiences :)
ericcantu Premium
After 6 months, even 6 weeks, I couldn't believe how much I had learned. And that's exactly the point of this. Take the pressure off and focus on learning and everything else falls into place because it's that knowledge and its mastery that gets you to your goals.
DSamveljan Premium
I appreciate your words. I will try to learn by focusing not on earning as you mention but on learning at first. Thanks!