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The Wealthy Affiliate community is a great one and the best mentoring and training community anyone can find online. Through this platform I've been able to learn from so many great people. Along the way I've been fortunate enough to have more and more people follow me. There's nothing I love more than helping out people who are using this platform to succeed for themselves.I've been fortunate enough to have success here, and it's definitely thanks to this community that has inspired me so many
The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews are in! Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best online training and mentorship community you can find! Whether you're researching Wealthy Affiliate reviews online seeing this platform for the first time, or whether you've just created your free starter account, or even if you're a Wealthy Affiliate veteran, let's cover the steps you should be taking to set yourself up for success. Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Absolutely!Take full advantage of the training at Wea
Passive income is a real thing here at Wealthy Affiliate. This last month, not only was I gone for the first 2 weeks on a west coast road trip from Seattle to San Diego, but then to close out the month Hurricane Harvey decided to make my home its home and devastated so much of the gulf coast around me.Don't get me wrong, I didn't sit on my hands for a month. I continue learning as much as I can about my craft daily. But it's nice when a website you created through the training here at WA can m
August 30, 2017
Kyle said it best to me after I got my first referral, "If you can get one, you can get 100, and if you can get 100, you can get 1000." It's awesome knowing that content I created with the help of WA's training played a part in 40 members here taking that big step towards their success.It's also nice that this happens a week or so after my 40th birthday lol.The training here teaches you how to create evergreen content that continues to be relevant even months after you create it. For those just
Just wanted to say thank you to all my followers and their well wishers making sure I've survived this hurricane ordeal. Other areas around me got it way worse than I did so I'm very fortunate. Some of you have been nice enough to ask if this is affecting any of my upcoming travels and I'm happy to say it will not :)If you're someone who loves travel and photography please follow me on Instagram and tag along for free :) Just look up "batmantravels" on Instagram and add me! I'd love for my WA f
August 28, 2017
So Hurricane Harvey busted through my city of Corpus Christi over the last couple of days and I'm happy to say most of my close friends came away with only minimal damages. For a category 4 hurricane, the city really got lucky. As a firefighter I had to work during the hurricane and the city was unrecognizable in certain areas with no power and trees blocking roadways everywhere, but a couple days later it seems like we're back to status quo.I'm extremely happy to say that thanks to Wealthy Af
Long time no talk! How are you guys?I'm tired, but it's the good kind of tired.As most of you know, I have extreme wanderlust and I just got back from a great west coast road trip where I flew into Seattle from Texas and then rented a car and drove all the way down the west coast to San Diego over the course of a week and a half :)After falling in love with Seattle, I moved on to the amazing national parks in Oregon, then to the incredible and epic redwoods of Northern California mixed in with
I can't wait until I have 100, 200, 300 posts on my website! Those seem like lofty and far off goals, but when you continue to put out consistent quality content out there, Google eventually starts to take notice.When you make it your goal to write 2-3 posts per week, before you know it, you look back and you have this thriving website full of info. You have people finding your posts daily, taking a look at what you've built. And with consistent traffic comes the potential for consistent revenu
About 7 months ago I was very close to getting started with AWOL Academy. AWOL Academy (or Project AWOL) is an affiliate marketing training platform whose ads were circulating around my Facebook feed when I was first gaining interest in building an online business. I did my research looking up AWOL Academy reviews: Is AWOL Academy a scam? Is Project AWOL legit? What is AWOL Academy? What is Elite Push? Is Elite Push legit? I spoke with people who had enrolled and they all told me the same thing
I just happened to look up and I saw I was at 2000 followers right on the dot :)Everyone here in this community plays a part towards helping others. You help by being positive, by being that helping hand, but most importantly by learning this business for yourself.I know I wouldn't have had any success without the help of a TON of people here. I asked question after question to anyone who would listen when I started this training :) I did a lot of talking to myself too, lol and I'm really thank