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Thanks to this awesome community and training platform and leaders like Kyle, Carson, Jay, and many, many more, I'm very proud to say that I've been rewarded for my hard work and made it to Vegas, all paid for by Wealthy Affiliate!When I started this journey I never doubted this incredible training, but I definitely didn't think it could give me so much in the first year. For everyone out there who's brand new, wondering if Wealthy Affiliate can really deliver, the answer is an absolute yes.Wor
Wealthy Affiliate is the best training and mentoring community you'll find online, hands down. If you're looking for the best online business to start, the training here sets you up for real success in learning affiliate marketing so that you can build real traffic and get real conversions for consistent monthly revenue. And now with this incredible Black Friday blowout sale, there is no better option than Wealthy Affiliate.Most other platforms charge hundreds and even thousands for training li
This is a message that needs to be shouted from the rooftops.To all my referrals, whether you're a free member or premium, and to everyone else looking into WA, no matter if you're just about to create your free starter account, or whether you've been a proud member here for 5 years, the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday yearly membership special is one you cannot pass up.You'll probably be seeing a lot more of this as the month goes on, and for good reason. This deal is truly unreal. $49/month fo
Wealthy Affiliate Review: The training here at Wealthy Affiliate absolutely works.Whether you've just gone premium, or you're a member with experience, the training here at Wealthy Affiliate delivers when you trust the system, are patient with your progress, and stay driven, focused, and dedicated.Progress reports like this one are made to show those taking that first big step exactly what you're in store for. When I first started with Wealthy Affiliate in January of 2017, I had no background i
The Wealthy Affiliate community is a great one and the best mentoring and training community anyone can find online. Through this platform I've been able to learn from so many great people. Along the way I've been fortunate enough to have more and more people follow me. There's nothing I love more than helping out people who are using this platform to succeed for themselves.I've been fortunate enough to have success here, and it's definitely thanks to this community that has inspired me so many
The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews are in! Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best online training and mentorship community you can find! Whether you're researching Wealthy Affiliate reviews online seeing this platform for the first time, or whether you've just created your free starter account, or even if you're a Wealthy Affiliate veteran, let's cover the steps you should be taking to set yourself up for success. Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Absolutely!Take full advantage of the training at Wea
Passive income is a real thing here at Wealthy Affiliate. This last month, not only was I gone for the first 2 weeks on a west coast road trip from Seattle to San Diego, but then to close out the month Hurricane Harvey decided to make my home its home and devastated so much of the gulf coast around me.Don't get me wrong, I didn't sit on my hands for a month. I continue learning as much as I can about my craft daily. But it's nice when a website you created through the training here at WA can m
August 30, 2017
Kyle said it best to me after I got my first referral, "If you can get one, you can get 100, and if you can get 100, you can get 1000." It's awesome knowing that content I created with the help of WA's training played a part in 40 members here taking that big step towards their success.It's also nice that this happens a week or so after my 40th birthday lol.The training here teaches you how to create evergreen content that continues to be relevant even months after you create it. For those just
Just wanted to say thank you to all my followers and their well wishers making sure I've survived this hurricane ordeal. Other areas around me got it way worse than I did so I'm very fortunate. Some of you have been nice enough to ask if this is affecting any of my upcoming travels and I'm happy to say it will not :)If you're someone who loves travel and photography please follow me on Instagram and tag along for free :) Just look up "batmantravels" on Instagram and add me! I'd love for my WA f
August 28, 2017
So Hurricane Harvey busted through my city of Corpus Christi over the last couple of days and I'm happy to say most of my close friends came away with only minimal damages. For a category 4 hurricane, the city really got lucky. As a firefighter I had to work during the hurricane and the city was unrecognizable in certain areas with no power and trees blocking roadways everywhere, but a couple days later it seems like we're back to status quo.I'm extremely happy to say that thanks to Wealthy Af