Is it Possible to Please Everyone? Yes or No?

Last Update: Aug 9, 2022

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This is a first for me. I just got accused of being AI by a referral.

AI as in artificial intelligence.
A bot, lol.

[Update: the member later explained to me that his issues were with Kyle not responding to his messages, not me. He copied the message he sent to Kyle and sent it directly to me in a PM, so while I assumed that he was talking to me, the words were meant for Kyle. Understand that Kyle receives literally thousands of messages daily. He responds, trust me. I've looked over his shoulder and watched him. When I was new he responded to me directly about questions i asked him. Give him some time!]

As a support coach, you can't possibly please everyone. It's simply impossible.

We don't know what personal issues other members are going through. We don't know the stresses in people's lives. All we can do is be there as support.

That being said, if someone is venting and starts to become insulting, well, don't just sit and take it. Respectfully let them know that's now how the conversation is going to go. If they want to apologize and move forward, perfect.

Now, this particular member early on had asked me about responses being left in the goals page, asking me if they were from bots.

To be honest, that's a major pet peeve of mine and he has a point.

It's a bad look to scroll down the goals page and read the same reply copied and pasted countless times to member after member after member.

As we all know, none of us are bots, right?
So let's not act like bots.
There's no point in copying and pasting responses like that.
It takes away from the actual help and support you're offering and instead makes a new member start to question what they're a part of.

Try your hardest to not be a copy and paste type responder.
Be genuine and sincere in your responses and treat members as sincere individuals.

Now, some of us who have a high volume of referrals coming in will of course have some "go-to" responses at the ready for the same questions we get over and over. This is normal. But maybe we can at least personalize those responses a little too, right?

But back to the point of this post.

You can't please everyone. Every once in a while, someone will lose it, and you just have keep your mindset focused on pushing forward instead of getting lost in any drama.

Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, with legit, straightforward training that delivers and is affordable. Let's support each other, continue to grow our businesses, and do everything we can in a positive way, to help each other along the way.

If someone's having a bad day and it lands on you, try to remember that we don't know what they're going through. Be fair, sympathetic, and respectful.

That's what community is all about.


Beep. Boop. Bop.
AI transmission ended.

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I feel those who themselves take out time to put in sincere efforts, are the ones who have the capacity to appreciate others' time and efforts.

Every member, new or old, can contribute in creating a positive and encouraging environment for each other. What does it take? Respect and empathy for each other.

That's absolutely right. Let's all take the time to treat each other like individuals, not just copying and pasting our way through this process :)

Hmmm, Eric as a robot..... but I digress.

We have members here with all different skill sets and strengths, or weaknesses. For some, copy and paste is the best they've got. So out of the 2+ million members, some will be creative and others will repeat. That's also something important for new members to understand. Each one here has different gifts and those manifest in different ways.

Thanks for all the support, Jeannine!

Short answer is no in my experience and I've developed a cap of patience with some people after which I become an unapologetic d bag lol.

haha sometimes you gotta just be direct, lol.
We do the best we can and I know for a fact all your referrals are very happy to have you as their coach.

I have had a few cases here and there but overall they're happy. And likewise bro!

Well said mate! On another note the Elementor training rocks!

Hey thanks, Mark! New class coming up in a couple days! I appreciate the support!

You are so correct. Everyone has a bad day now and then, there is no need to be rude, especially when you are seeking help on an issue.
Our platform serves as a community, and if you feel you are not getting the answers from an individual, say thank you, and try someone else.

Have a fantastic day, and thanks for the information to all.

Great attitude, Carla!

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