How to Progress for the Most Success at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: February 19, 2019

Of all the questions I get asked about Wealthy Affiliate, the one I get asked most by new members is:

"What individual piece of training would you say is the most important one to follow here at WA so that I can get off to the strongest start?"

The answer is easy.

The most important piece of training is Lesson 1. Then after that, the next most important piece of training is Lesson 2. And after that, Lesson 3.

Every piece of training here is set in its place for a reason. It's our job as we are undertaking this training to trust the system, take in the knowledge, then apply it.

It's human nature to see successful people online and forget that they too had a "day 1". At one point they were starting off just like the rest of us.

And you know where they started? They started at their lesson 1.

When you arrive here at WA with your free starter account, the entire point of it is to check out those first foundational course lessons and see if this training is the eye-opening training you've been looking for.

See how much you learn and how quickly you can go from never having attempted to build a site to suddenly having one that's live, ready to go, and all yours.

And while there's so many resources available at WA, the key is to take everything one step at a time. We don't even have to figure out or even navigate those first steps on our own. It's all been mapped out for us, lesson by lesson.

So dive in, remove all self-imposed pressures, and realize that the hard part of figuring out the steps has already been done for you. All you have to do is follow.

When you see that you're learning, that the lessons make sense, that it's straightforward, this is the moment when you know you're in the right place. For me it was day 2. For you it could be day 1. That part doesn't matter. What matters is realizing this community may very well be the vehicle you've been searching for.

"How quickly will I start making money?" This is another common question. The answer is "It depends."

It depends on a million different factors really. How much time will you put into it? Are you good at following instructions? Will you give up after a week? After a month? After 2 months?

It all comes back to that one thing: hard work.

When I first started, one of my mentors here shared with me his story and how when he found this training he couldn't believe how much he was learning. He worked, he learned, he built, and he followed, yet 8 months in, he didn't have a dollar to show for it.

But he knew he was creating something special. He knew he was building his business right. He didn't give up. He then proudly shared how he had his first $4,000 month a short time later.

It would have never come if he had quit at month 9.

The truth is that MOST successful people have had many, many failures. They don't come out of the gates with success after success. They've just figured out how to turn all those bricks being thrown at them into the foundation for their success.

Jerry Jones has famously told his story of how when he bought the Dallas Cowboys they were losing $1,000,000 per MONTH. His first season as their owner they won 1 game and lost 15.

He didn't give up. 4 years after he bought the team they were world champs of the NFL and beginning an unprecedented run of 3 Super Bowls in 4 years. They are now the most valuable franchise in all of sports.

Now, I don't know many people that can handle losing a million dollars a month. But for me, the ask of $29/month which is what yearly membership costs at WA was more than reasonable.

If you can't invest $29/month to better yourself, to become your own boss, to spend more time with family, to literally create a business that one year from now could be earning you thousands more per month than what you're earning now... then it's time to change what you've been doing.

I can't think of one important thing that I use every single day that has had as huge an impact on my life as WA has that I only pay $29/month for.

But you know what, it all starts with day one.

If this is your day one, or day 3, or day 103, take this moment to truly appreciate this opportunity.

One year from today you could literally be making thousands more per month as a result of this training community. Everything is set in place for you with all roads pointing to success if you put in that one thing... hard work.

But let's not let Wealthy Affiliate take all the credit. This training is here and it definitely delivers...


No one knocked on your door. No one dropped something that you picked up...

YOU took initiative, all on your own, and made that very first step of looking for something MORE.

YOU feel at your core that you are capable of MORE.

And now because of YOU, this vehicle sits right in front of you, ready for YOU to be in the driver's seat.

Dive in. Be a teachable student. Trust the system. And don't look back.
That's the secret to success at Wealthy Affiliate.
(Go Cowboys.)

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tburch17 Premium
I needed to read this. I have been with WA since late November, and have slowed down lately since I have yet to earn any money. Thanks so much for the reminder to be patient and kerp at it. P.S. Go Eagles.

Take care,
ericcantu Premium
If you're an Eagles fan you might as well just give up. haha, jk! Glad to help inspire!
MiaL Premium
I've always seen this as a great investment in myself. My degrees cost me THOUSANDS, this is next to nothing in comparison and I get my own business as a result, with lifelong skills. No brainer for me.
Swangirl Premium
Very true!
ericcantu Premium
heljam404A Premium
Enjoyed reading your post-Eric and I agree with everything you said. I'm a Cowboy fan as well.
ericcantu Premium
haha I wrote that whole thing just as a guise to show love for my Cowboys lol.
Swangirl Premium
Yes! I agree. Great post and great reminders to follow the system here and it will lead us to success.
ericcantu Premium
Thanks, Jessica!
Ahimbe Premium
You gave good words of advise. It all about trusting the system with not shortcuts.
Thank you
ericcantu Premium
Well said!