How To Fight Your Obsession with Google Analytics

Last Update: February 17, 2021

One of the most consistent things many new WA members obsess over is their own analytics. It's like the second we learn about Google Analytics, it's the first and last thing we want to check daily (along with 10 or so random checks throughout the day).

Is this you?

First, understand that, yes, GA is a spectacular tool in helping understand how your audience is finding you and where your traffic is coming from.

So, if you have 50-70+ articles and you're getting a consistent flow of traffic along with conversions, then, sure, use Google's data to help you so you can hone in and double down creating more of that content that is really connecting with your audience.

But if you're not there yet, then it's CONTENT you need to obsess over, not the analytics.

Instead of focusing on data, focus on the content that data is created from.

It's a lot like starting a workout program or going on a diet. If you obsessively check the scale before and after each meal, before and after each workout, you're not going to see progress.

Instead, any trainer would tell you to focus on not cheating with your diet. Focus on being consistent with your workout schedule. Focus on how you feel after your workout: tired, but accomplished. And if someone pays you a compliment noticing a slight physical change, that's almost like a conversion. It means your work is starting to pay off! And even without the compliment, you're feeling GREAT, so keep it up!

At this point there's not even a need to check your scale, right? You're creating a routine and your hard work is starting to show on the outside as well.

The same principles apply to your business.

Focus on the WORK. That is the absolute secret to success here at WA. Set your goal of 2-3 articles per week. If that's not possible for you yet, set it at 1 per week, and if you're going to obsess over anything, obsess over growing that number so you're creating a steady flow of content.

Focus on your keyword research. Trust the numbers Kyle and Jay have laid out in their various trainings on what a "good keyword" to go after is. Are you getting everything you can out of Jaaxy?

Focus on how you feel after working on new content: tired, but accomplished. Don't worry about people finding it just yet. Think about how great and full your website will look when the masses *DO* find it.

Those first articles you write aren't for nothing. No matter when your audience finds you, trust me when I say they'll be finding those first articles you wrote. So let them find a website that is FULL of great content, linking from one article to the next, giving your audience the best possible user experience they can have so they're eager and waiting for more.

If you're brand new, focus on continuing through the training daily. When Kyle tasks you with creating more content, create more. When he tells you to take a break, take a break. Be that student obsessed with learning more and more from the training. Think about categories of content you can write. And when you're done with one article, start thinking about the next.

When you put your head down and focus on nothing but that, you will soon start seeing the rewards. And guess what, when conversions start trickling through, that's when it's time to push out even more content! Build on that growth!

It's human nature to want to see results, but understand that to get those results it's the CONTENT CREATION you need to obsess over, not the data.

Once you have your 50+ articles up with some conversions coming through, then you can take a look and see where you can focus your content creation so that it gives you the best bang for the buck. But that doesn't mean it's time to be checking it daily and taking time away from your writing routine!

And if you're not converting yet, then obsess over keyword research, expand out into YouTube, work on social media shares, BUT DON'T LOSE MOMENTUM WITH YOUR CONTENT CREATION.

It starts and ends with that.
The more you focus on what's important and the less you waste on distractions, the more success and sustainability your business will have.

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Claudiojuan Premium
Thank you very much Eric, today I am immersed in my content. It's not easy for me to create new content. Little by little I am achieving it. I hope to meet you face to face in Las Vegas?
ericcantu Premium Plus
Every super affiliate I’ve had the honor to meet has definitely found themselves immersed in content creation. It’s the one path to success. Keep it up! The more you create the better you get at it!
RosanaHart Premium Plus
And what's valuable in your post? The CONTENT of course!
ericcantu Premium Plus
Haha exactly. Thank you!
lesabre Premium
Hi Eric, thank you for the share. Great information on where what we should be focussed on.

ericcantu Premium Plus
Glad you liked this!
Only1Hugh Premium
I think we would all do well to FOCUS as you suggest. Lovely post.
ericcantu Premium Plus
Focus is the key!
Only1Hugh Premium
For real
Newme202 Premium
Brilliant post!
ericcantu Premium Plus
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed this!