How Can I Get More Traffic to My Blog 2018 - 6 Free Strategies For Beginners

Last Update: May 11, 2018

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One of the most asked questions by any new blogger is "How can I get more traffic to my blog?" That's because without eyes on your content, you have no chance for success in the world of blogging and affiliate marketing.

Whether you're just looking to get more people to see your point of view, or you're looking to monetize your website & create consistent monthly revenue, understanding how to get new readers to your blog is key.

In this post I'm going to share 6 free strategies that can be implemented right away to start building your traffic. These are the same strategies I've used to build a successful online business and they echo the incredible training taught right here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

This may seem like an obvious one, but it's a critical step to building traffic. When you know your target audience, you can focus on writing content that answers their pressing questions.

This means writing relevant content to your specific niche. You don't want to have a website where one post is about the best keyword research tool you'll find online, the next is on how to lose belly fat, and the next is on where to find the best deals on baby clothes.

That would be a very bizarre site, no?

Instead, be consistent with the topics you cover in your posts, focusing all topics around your specific niche, and your target audience will see you as an authority. Add to this some good keyword research, and your content will be the answer to the most popular searches your target audience is making.

This leads us to the next step.

Step 2: Understand the Power of Keywords

Imagine having a brick and mortar storefront with a large crowd waiting outside the doors. What if there was a tool that told you exactly what all those people were looking for? Wouldn't you use that tool to then stock your shelves with everything those customers wanted?

In the world of affiliate marketing, there is such a tool. It's called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is, hands down, the best keyword research tool you'll find online, and it's integrated free right here into the training platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you don't yet fully understand keywords and how they work, I highly recommend taking full advantage of the lessons here at WA that cover exactly how to use Jaaxy so you can make the most of this amazing tool.

Jaaxy is the secret sauce to understanding how to increase blog traffic for free and will give you a HUGE advantage over all the other bloggers in cyberspace who aren't getting the training you are here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Use it correctly & consistently, and your posts will be ranking on the first page of Google search results in no time.

Step 3: Use Dynamic, Attention-Getting Post Titles

So now that you're starting to rank on the front pages of Google, it's time to stand out! Creating post titles that reach out and grab your audience is how you get people to actually CLICK on your content.

Be specific with who you're targeting in your titles. Think of titles that would catch your attention if you were the reader. Is there video in your blog post? Adding two simple words: "with VIDEO!" can be the difference between someone passing right over your post and someone who clicks to read more.

Use qualifiers in your title like "2018" or "5 Best Ways to..." that tell your reader the content is current and entice their curiosity to dive in.

Step 4: Use Bold, Easy to Read Headings for Easy Scanning

It's a proven fact that your readers will only read a fraction of the content on your page. That number is anywhere from 14-20% depending on who you ask.

Does this mean you should write really short content? Not at all. Lengthy content is what ranks. Don't think that your audience just wants a short article with only 300-500 words.

The fact is when your reader arrives at your post and finds only 3 short paragraphs of content, guess what? They're clicking away in a heartbeat.

What your audience wants to see is a thorough post they can quickly scan through and pick out the information they're looking for. To achieve this you simply need to implement bold, relevant headings that tell your reader exactly where to dive in further.

Step 5: Create a Great User Experience

This step is really a culmination of all the other steps combined.

When you know your audience, when you use good keyword research to answer their pressing questions, when you use titles that stand out from the rest, and wheh you create thorough content that's easy to read, you really create a great user experience where your reader will come back for more.

When it comes to layout, no one wants to be greeted by a wall of text, right? For this reason leave plenty of white space on the page by using short paragraphs. Use relevant images to further break up the text.

Lead your reader to other great content you've created for them by using internal links. Don't be afraid to also use a couple of external links to authority sites too.

All these things create an environment where our audience feels welcome and is ready to come back for more and that is HUGE when it comes to building organic traffic.

Step 6: Be Proactive and Share Your Content Using Social Media

Last but not least, when you publish your content, don't just sit back and hope to God that it gets seen. Be proactive! Share Your Content!

One of the steps I always take when publishing new content is sharing to Google Plus.

As Jay the head trainer here at Wealthy Affiliate always teaches, don't just copy and paste a link and hit "Post". Give your reader a reason to want to click on what you're sharing!

A couple of quick sentences that act as a lead-in into your post can make all the difference in the world. That personal lead-in will also inject your personality into your posts so your content has life. This is key to building traffic as you're slowly building your brand through your content.


By implementing these steps into your routine, you begin creating an environment that your readers will want to be a part of. This is what the training at Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

Being successful with affiliate marketing isn't just about affiliate links and commissions. Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to provide the answers to the questions our target audience is searching for.

As Kyle says, don't "tell" your audience how to accomplish things, "show" them.

Google wants to lead its users to the best content on the internet, so when you do everything in your power to create a great user experience, Google will take notice.

You'll be swimming in free traffic in no time, and that's what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

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