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Last Update: December 23, 2021

The Wealthy Affiliate community is a GLOBAL one, with members from all over this world here to build their business, reach their goals, and help fellow members along the way.

One of the greatest (and underrated) aspects of this platform is the amazing community.

At any point during our training, you can ask a question, pose it to the live chat, create a blog post where you ask with more detail, and you can rest assured that member after member will offer help so you can find your way.

Remember that those who answer your questions are members just like you. Now, you may get Kyle or Carson responding to your question, and how incredible is that to have the founders giving you answers directly, but by and large, it's this helping community that is using their experience to help nudge you along.

Sometimes the very best answer you can give is to direct the person asking to an actual training lesson, either in the core training or in member training, that covers the answer thoroughly and completely.

Over time, many of the same questions are asked as we arrive at specific areas of the training, so it only makes sense to direct people to the complete answer.

And it can happen too, that maybe we receive an answer we don't completely understand, or maybe it's not exactly what we were looking for, or maybe the person answering misunderstood what we were getting at, or maybe we didn't quite explain the question right because we're new, right? It happens and it's totally understandable.

So when that happens, remember, you're not helpless. Take control of your path and use the smart search bar to find what you're looking for.

That smart search can find just about anything you're looking for. Be specific with your search. If the answer is here in the training, trust me, it'll find it.

You can learn how to use the smart search bar to its fullest capacity here:
Using WA's Smart Search Like a Champ

It's also important to remember how new members can be overwhelmed with countless welcome messages, notifications, emails, etc. So for that reason, sometimes the most direct answer is the best one.

If you feel that your answer could end up being a full length, full page answer with 5 or 6 links inside, how about creating some training on it or publish a simple WA blog post that you can link to anytime that question arises instead of copying and pasting that whole novel, right?

Maybe avoid the lengthy full page welcome messages with multiple links leading to Lesson 1 of the training, explaining the 4 steps to learning at WA, etc., when we know firsthand that the new member is already getting that info everywhere in the training, and from Kyle, Carson, and possibly their referrer as well, right?

Simple concise answers can speak volumes.
User experience is key.

And when all else fails, if you're the one asking the question and you can't find the answer you're looking for, remember there's always Google.

And when it has anything to do with your website, just click Help at the top of the page, then click Site Support. They are MASTERS of their craft and answer within MINUTES.

That's solved many a technical issue and nipped things right in the bud countless times.

Aim to help others as best as you can.
Remember what it's like to be new and slightly overwhelmed.
And remember that even as a completely new member, you're in full control

It's a great time to be a part of WA!
Members first!

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FKelso Premium Plus
Good message, Eric. It's true that we have so much offered here, that many of us do not realize how much. Hopefully, the right answer will come to us at the right time.

One thing I know about teaching -- sometimes you have to state the same thing a multitude of different ways, because what one person can understand, another cannot. It is important for the teacher to explain in as many ways as possible about something he/she is trying to teach you.

That's a nice thing about asking this community something. You get several different answers, usually, and if one does not give the explanation you need, the next one might. We are very fortunate to have this great tool at our disposal.
EricCantu Premium Plus
As long as those answers are concise and direct, I fully agree. Thanks for chiming in!
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Nicely put Eric! Starting out here can certainly be overwhelming at times!

When a new member asks a question or has a doubt, I always find it more beneficial to give a simple response at first and not bombard them with an array of information that will be very difficult to understand for even the more senior members here!

Take ones time, and understand the query properly is the best way to help those in need, ask a question here, and another one there to fully understand what the fellow member is in need of!

Enjoy a fabulous festive period my friend!:-)🎊🎉
EricCantu Premium Plus
Well said. It’s easy to forget that a new member already feels like they have a full plate and then we give them the equivalent of a full homework assignment in our answer with links to look up and research to do. Keep it simple. :)
Jessiefido Premium Plus
I'm all for keeping things simple no matter what aspect of life we are referring to my friend!

Love your classes by the way Eric, hopefully a bit more time will come this way in the next week, and I will be able to catch up on a couple more!:-)
EricCantu Premium Plus
I appreciate that, Josh! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in some of my upcoming live ones!
Jessiefido Premium Plus
'Josh' .... love it!!..

I rarely have the time to partake in the live ones, but when I can catch a replay I try my upmost best to fit one in now and again depending on my schedule!!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very well said, Eric! You are absolutely right, my friend! There are so many resources available to us here in WA! It is almost impossible to fail! We simply need to dig a little deeper at times, the answers are here!

Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend!

EricCantu Premium Plus
You too Jeff!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Will do, Eric!

Suzay Premium Plus
I'm still overwhelmed!
And I've been here since February 2018.
Since last summer, I just started to "get it", after years of faithfully going to Jay's Friday night teachings, and some of us "pearls" are just that way.
We don't learn like how others learn to do things. So, I kicking and screaming only got through 2 lessons, probably what you call CORE, Eric. But need to blast threw it.

I know Kyle changed it so each section has a "Need Help? This is so the helpee no longer has 2 explanations:
Where are you? And what do you need help with?
Yeah Kyle, miraculous change and so simple to implement.
I still haven't been back yet! But I'm going to do it as a gift to myself, believingly this coming week, before New Year's. I am such a Bone Head, stubborn one!
Although, I wasted no time continuing to write and write better, just not on my own posts.
That was overwhelming too, write a post, using all these things I don't understand how to get picture, size? of pictures, H1,2,3, etc. So, I did not do it. I got Congestive Heart Failure. I friend took care of me for 14 months until my heart doctor was satisfied that I was improving and stabilizing, I was so weak for so long.

I did learn vitamin B1 keeps CHF away. I did not learn this from doctors.

Time for change. In fact, I came to WA on a post from Kyle on cryptocurrency.
I thought, this guy writes better than me, I wonder what I could learn from him about writing?
Well WA is only partly about writing, although communication and writing are at the center.
I have degrees in education, fine arts, math and science, I am ever curious, but web tech bit me, ouch! I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where there are jokes about Boulderites being alive from the neck up. 35 miles surrounded by "REALITY."
Is there help for a Pearl learner like me, first I had to find what that meant. Whatever I don't learn with relative ease, like math, chemistry, I have to see the whole picture. Guess that's why I'm here at WA, to learn to trust a process with thing-o's I can't see.
PS Help!
EricCantu Premium Plus
Just take it one lesson at a time. We all want out websites to come out of the gate stunning with amazing images and calls to action and beautiful aesthetics… but that all comes later.

In the beginning, just as the training guides us, it’s all about content.

So don’t worry about images sizing or any of that. Just start with the basics in lesson 1, followed by lesson 2, then lesson 3 and so on.

Every task you’re asked to complete, complete.

Learn and grow consistently and you’ll see so much progress, especially in how much you learn and build!

Keep up that good attitude!
Suzay Premium Plus
Thank you. I trust you to listen to me and you gave me a workable, doable answer.
Newme202 Premium
Well said, Eric
Awesome advice
Thank you for sharing
EricCantu Premium Plus
It's all about helping in the best way we can, right? Members first!
Newme202 Premium
Absolutely Eric :)