Find Inspiration in Other's Successes

Last Update: July 06, 2018

Lately I've been reading lots of inspiring stories around WA. There are so many members here applying what they've been learning from this awesome training and it's all coming together for them. I see blog posts with personal bests and others where goals have been shattered and I can't help but be proud of this awesome community we have.

The key thing to remember here is that there's a reason why it's coming together for these members. They have persevered. They've continued working. They didn't give up.

I've been a part of WA for 18 months, and I clearly remember specific members last year who had questions about "when will this all start to happen for me?" It's these same members who are now reaping those rewards, building consistent traffic, and earning consistent commissions.

We get so much bang for the buck here at WA, but the real secret ingredient to your success is simply continuing forward, not giving up, staying driven, and staying focused.

I get so inspired by these success stories, and you should too. It's natural sometimes to doubt yourself, but what separates these success stories from the rest is that they persevered through that doubt and turned it into a personal challenge to succeed.

Start with small successes, celebrate your wins, build from that. Don't let frustration spill over into public areas like WA chat or in forums. Turn negativity into positivity. Find inspiration in other's achievements.

Listen to what those who've had success are saying in their blogs and in chat. Do you hear them voicing frustration? No. You see them working on their business and working to help others. Copy that example. Be positive. Focus on building your website and building your business. Have your audience's experience at your core and your site will grow and grow.

Thanks to all who have blogged about their success and thank you to all the members who will inspire me further in the future. It's a great time to be a part of WA!

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JamesHarvey1 Premium
Hi Eric.
Thanks for the post I definitely needed this.
I have had my share of frustration. I recently
starting reading more success stories They did encourage
me to go back to training and dig a little deeper.
Keep us up and trying harder any time.
ericcantu Premium Plus
Every business takes work and perseverance. Stick with it! Draw inspiration from everyone here :) Keep at it!
Heidi9 Premium
Great post! I needed that reminder. Got a little down today and I need to focus and how much I’ve accomplished and know that it will lead to somewhere good!
ericcantu Premium Plus
Absolutely. The only way to build traffic is through consistent content and consistent work. Keep at it!
MKearns Premium
Isn't success and how it rubs off wonderful!?
ericcantu Premium Plus
Well said, Big Mike!
RD40 Premium
Awesome read Eric! I definitely agree with everything you said. Never giving up and continued hard work was something I committed myself to. I knew it was only a matter of when and not if I was going to succeed at this. And so far, I am definitely reaping the rewards of all my hard work over that last 22 months of being a member here at WA.

ericcantu Premium Plus
That's awesome, Ralph. Trust me, you're inspiring other members through your hard work without even realizing it. Great job!
WendaSue Premium
Excellent post, Eric, and so very true. I never EVER want to be the reason someone quits. So very important that we stay positive. On my lowest days, I start reading posts and there is where I get my encouragement to keep going forward.
Upward and Onward. Never Ever Ever quit. And Don't Gripe!

I guess I could have just said... Ditto!!

Wendi :)
ericcantu Premium Plus
Keep up the great work, Wenda! Thanks for the support!