Don't Be Afraid to Pull the Trigger!

Last Update: Mar 30, 2019

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One of the traits that most successful people have in common is that tendency to take action. It's not only about timing and opportunity, but TAKING ACTION that drives success.

So many times people slow themselves down by over analyzing. I've had new referrals come in and seem to mull over questions for DAYS asking me if the training does this or if the training covers that instead of just diving in.

Don't limit yourself! Dive in and trust this system.

The whole point of the free starter account is to get your hands dirty and see if this training is for you, right?. So ask yourself, are you learning? Are you building? Do the concepts make sense? When you see that they do, go all in and don't look back.

So many times, new people don't realize how powerful WA's resources are. That's why it's so important to get them immersed in the training so they can see this for themselves.

One of the lines I seem to be repeating a lot lately is "I can keep giving this to you piece by piece OR you can just jump in and see it all for yourself." Questions are great. That's how we learn. But don't let them stunt your progress.

Everything here is set up to help you succeed. Get your hands dirty. Build. Learn. Don't worry about mistakes.

Don't worry about commissions either. Those come later. The focus here when you start out should be learning and building. Many people will say, "Yes I know this will take time, but I do need to make sure I can break even for that first month."

Here's a reality check. Chances are you're not going to earn $19 in commissions your first month. Get past that.

$19 is roughly the cost of a trip for 2 to McDonalds. Further, we spend $50-60 regularly on stuff we never even use. But when you progress through this training and put in the work you could literally be earning THOUSANDS in commissions every single month less than a year down the line. Wouldn't that be worth it? Of course it would! What if it took 3 years? Would it still be worth it? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Sometimes we have to get out of our own way and just follow instruction. Trust the system. Complete your tasks. Everything is in place for a reason.

Personally, I feel that everyone who comes here and creates their website in lesson 4 should take inventory of just how powerful this training has proven to be for them. From nothing, you now have a LIVE WEBSITE. You have all the tools and resources at your disposal to turn that website into CONSISTENT MONTHLY REVENUE.

So whether you're brand new or a veteran, remember that successful people don't let opportunities pass them by. The see enough and then they jump in.

Pull the trigger. Go premium. Don't look back.

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Good information that I think many people will find of interest.

That's what community is all about :)

You are right...I love how the community shares on here. We all benefit.

Eric, your results are proof that WA training works for people that will focus, follow the training and put in the work.

I hope this post will encourage people just to get started.

I especially like your results because they are proof that we are all still capable of earning our invite to Vegas this year.

Very glad you liked this. WA delivers!

Preach it, brother. I needed to read this. Thanks. johnny

We're all in this together! Glad you liked it!

Brand new newbie just 3 days in and I DO have a ton of questions. But your advice is refreshing. Thanks so much!

Really glad this helped. We never want to discourage questions, just don't be afraid to ask while you're diving into the info! The tools, resources, and training here really are the best online. Glad you enjoyed this!

Nike grabbed it long ago: Just Do It, there is a lot to be said for those three simple words.

Great post!



Might add this post in one of my auto messages haha. Thanks, Eric!

I sent it earlier to all of my starter referrals :)

That may be a good idea! :)

Glad to help!

Hear, hear!

You are absolutely right!

Asking questions is great, but often it's just another way of inventing obstacles and reasons why you shouldn't do it.

And another thing people don't like to hear: there is no substitute for actually doing it.

Happy Premium-ing at WA - you'll always be happy you did it! :)

I agree with you 'there is no substitute for actually doing it.'
I have seen an influx of new members go straight to live chat and ask 'how do I make money'. I say 'Follow the training' but what I want to say is
'stop being lazy and get to work!'

lol You are too nice - I actually do say it! Honestly... if someone doesn't 'get it' at that level, then they need to know how things stand.
And, more often than not, sobering as it can be, they appreciate it, switch gears and do the work.

I will remember that the next time I respond to a newbie :)

Very true! Glad you enjoyed this.

Glad to help! :)

I fully agree! I had a couple of false starts on here myself but this time round I have just flung myself in and I'm loving it. I would say to any newbie it is overwhelming at first. The support network, community, member-produced guides and bewildering number of corridor to wander and rooms to stumble into can seem confusing, but at some point the penny drops and suddenly you realise what a unique and amazing thing you have become a part of.

Dive in, the water's lovely!

Well said! Glad you enjoyed this!

That's just how I feel as a newbie - overwhelmed and a bit terrified lol. Your words are inspiring!

My biggest .. uh .. Problem with this online stuff, has always been the "Perfection" demon, and the dreaded "Fear of Success".

"ready-aim - - Ready-aim - - Ready-Aim"
- - "ready-aim - - Ready-aim - - Ready-Aim"
- - - - "ready-aim - - Ready-aim - - Ready-Aim"
... aarrggg ~~~~~~~~~~~~

OK .. Enough of that^^ crap .........

This Year I Am Doing It .. (and with the help of WA It WILL Get Done !!)

OK Joe ...... "Pull The Trigger"!!!

Yaaaay Me !!!



Haha... you're not alone! It's all about diving into it and not looking back. That's the key to success here. To your continued success!

Thank You Sir ..
See ya around Campus, M'Friend

Great way to motivate the newbies!

That's what community is all about!

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