3 Days Left! Take Full Advantage of $299 Yearly Premium!

Last Update: May 08, 2020

There's no better time to go Yearly Premium than NOW!

That should really be the end of the post.
It's that good of a deal.

As someone who's been here since January 2017, I've experienced first hand the value of this platform. I've met several incredible leaders from this community along with its founders. It is without hesitation that I say that this is the best affiliate marketing training community you'll find online, bar none.

And you'll get it for $0.82 cents/day from now on.

I've always felt that going yearly is one of the first steps to take when you go premium. Locking in at the yearly price burns into your subconscious that you're all in. It's adds value internally to this journey you're embarking on.

Simultaneously, you remove any pressure or anxiety that comes with monthly premiums. Sometimes starting off, you can mistakenly make yourself feel that you're falling behind when a payment goes out and you haven't earned a commission.

Get that kind of thinking out of your head.
Too many times we forget that with all of our successes we had to learn first, right?

The key to succeeding here at WA is to focus on learning and everything else falls into place.

And when you give yourself that solid base to work from by going yearly, you're establishing the importance of this training to yourself, and at the same time cutting your dues in half.

It's a no brainer.
Take advantage of this deal.

And it's ok if you just went yearly or if your yearly membership just renewed. That was exactly my situation. My yearly membership just renewed in March.

I took this $299 deal and this year gets added to the end of my current year. In other words I won't be charged again until 2022, and I'm locked in at that sweet $299 price.

The best part is that as you grow with Wealthy Affiliate, you can earn credits along the way through referrals, training, commenting, etc. which can ultimately end up so that it pays for itself.

That's what I did.
I transferred over some WA credits to PayPal and done.

I'm finally in the cool club.

You have 3 days.
Do it.
Join the cool club.


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Mick18 Premium
Congrats on going yearly. It truly is a no brainer. WAy to go!
ericcantu Premium Plus
$299 yearly is a deal impossible to pass up.
NWTDennis Premium
I've been in the Cool Club for several years now. K&C were smart when they provided a way for getting credit for all your paid up months on the regular annual membership. Nothing lost and an even lower cost annual membership.

Sure you make a commitment, but that's what you're here for, right? It's a commitment to yourself. Is it going to be easy? Nope. Affiliate marketing is simple ... but it's not easy. Way too much to learn and do.

But look what you get. The list of benefits goes on and on. And the coolest thing is that K&C keep making this incredible platform even better. They are fanatically committed to continuously improving WA.

As Eric says ... It's a no brainer.
ericcantu Premium Plus
The cool club is awesome! Thanks for adding your perspective, Dennis!
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Eric,

Yes indeed... a no brainer for sure. I've been taking advantage of this for a few years now. I believe I'm automatically setup for it.

An excellent reminder for everyone here who has not taken advantage of this yet.

ericcantu Premium Plus
Every single year I've forgotten to do it and FINALLY I remembered in time.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post! Tick tock, TICK TOCK!

ericcantu Premium Plus
JeffreyBrown Premium
tennphantom Premium
I am in....thanks for the encouragement..
ericcantu Premium Plus
That's what community is all about. Welcome to the cool club.