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Last Update: July 11, 2019

I'm pleased to announce that I made another Amazon sale through my fishing niche website! This is the third sale so far and it's the biggest one by far. I sold a fish finder for about $264. I will make about $20 on that sale compared to my other sales that were less than $5.

I know it's not a huge success but each sale has gotten bigger and I have noticed my posts from early this year starting to rank better in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The website that I have received the sales on was born around Thanksgiving time 2018. So it is only about 7 months old. This is about the time frame in which the training here at Wealthy Affiliate tells us we will start seeing results. As your website ages and more quality content is added you should start seeing more traffic and more sales of your products or services.

Also on the same day I got my first Premium Referral for WA through my new SAC website! I'm just blown away. My efforts are starting to show results!

Keep On Keeping On!

I encourage you to keep going! There are many of us who have new websites, pounding the keys' day in and day out trying our damnedest to succeed! You can and will succeed if you just keep going and don't give up. Your success could be just around the corner. If you give up you will never know that and for me personally I couldn't live with that. I have done it too many times in the past. Not This Time!

Follow the training because it does work. My success in sales though small shows that the training works. I received these sales through product reviews which I learned how to write with the training provided here.

There have been many times that I wanted to throw in the towel and quit. I'm glad I didn't because now I'm starting to see results of my hard work. I expect to start seeing more successes start to escalate in the near future.

Finally one day my goal of working on my online business full time will become a reality!! We can all succeed by helping others solve their problems and find them solutions.

Don't get discouraged...

Get Inspired!!!



Cory Haasnoot | Income Generating Solutions

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rubanzema Premium
Thank for sharing. I wish you more success, courage.
Encourager1 Premium
Thanks Ruban!
EWhaley Premium
Your exactly right, no matter what your goals are as long as they are attainable you can make it, I'm not bragging I promise but when I was in a car wreck and broke both my legs and had to have four major surgeries and almost lost my left leg at the hip, I told myself I wasn't going to lay down and die, I will get better and my legs will heal and by the grace of God they didn't amputate my left leg and after about a year and a half I was walking on both of my own legs. It was tuff and hurt a lot but my goal was to walk again and that was 47 years ago!!! It pays not to quit and set goals! Keep up the great work and have a Great Day!
Bella8883 Premium
YAYY! Just committed to my FIRST MONTH with WA!
Encourager1 Premium
Congrats Bella
LoneWolf83 Premium
That's so great....and a good encouragement for the rest of us....
SondraM Premium
Cory that is awesome! Congratulations on getting an even bigger sale on your fishing website. Well deserved.