Upgrading to Yearly Membership - I've made myself at home

Last Update: September 03, 2018

I'm sticking around, I've made myself at home.

Yes! I've committed to Wealthy Affiliate's Yearly Membership in my very first month.


It's not just the savings, though the extra money each month will help, and the overall savings each year are HUGE!

Mostly, yearly membership represents for me a commitment to my future. I know that I will continue to learn and thrive in this environment and I am committed to long term sustainability of the businesses I am building.

Thanks everyone for your community and for making me feel so at home in this incredible learning environment.

I for one am here to stay. Who's with me?

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CalvinC Premium
It's exactly what I thought when I decided to go yearly after 3 weeks.

Wish you the best on your journey.

Emma06 Premium
Good to know, thanks Calvin
JoanMarie Premium
I like your comparison - making yourself at home. I'm with you! I went from the starter membership to Premium to Annual about a month, when you see a good thing, you take advantage. So glad to be among good people.
Emma06 Premium
Thank you! I just PM'd you about your site, it's looking great.
newmarketpro Premium
That definitely a wise decision. Subscribing to yearly is a symbolic commitment for what you want to achieve in this journey. Focus and commit.

Wish you a great success Emma.

Emma06 Premium
Thanks Joe, yes it feels very symbolic.
ReneeC1 Premium
Hi Emma, Your commitment and your message is inspirational. It is important to commit and follow through. Am also here to stay! Keep me posted on your project,
Emma06 Premium
Thanks Renee, I shall....
all the best