Tips from Kyle’s First Live Class

Last Update: August 18, 2018

About three days into my Wealthy Affiliate journey, I received a link to Kyle’s First Live Class - Learn From My Last 14 years. If you’re just starting out, or struggling later on in your journey, this video is well worth the watch.

Over the years, Kyle has seen thousands of success stories, but also gets a lot of feedback on a day to day basis as to what people are feeling and where they’re getting stuck, and why people fail.

This video offers Kyle’s incredible perspective on how NOT to fail.

Make time to watch the video. There’s a subtle learning between the lines that you’ll only pick up by listening through the whole thing. In the meantime, here are 23 tips that resonated with me:

#1 DO go through the training

The Wealthy Affiliate training is there for a reason. A lot of thought has gone into it and it’s constantly updated. If you skip the training, what are you doing?

#2 DO watch the live classes and take an active part in discussions

The live classes are very valuable and discussions within Wealthy Affiliate are taking place every single day. Get involved and keep learning.

#3 DO approach this like a business not like you’re trying something new

If you think you’re trying something you’re almost setting yourself up to failure. Questioning whether online business works is no different to questioning whether offline business works.

Approach things like you are starting a business online because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

#4 DON’T fear the competition

There’s always going to be competition but you can’t fear the idea of competition before you get started. At some point you will become the competition.

#5 DON’T think you need to know everything when you start out

You probably won’t and this is very normal. You only need to know a sliver to be very successful online. There’s so much to know but you don’t need to know it all.

#6 DON’T think you need to be very good at a niche before you get into it

You can acquire a great deal of knowledge very quickly through research, reading and immersion into your niche.

Anyone can go from zero knowledge - which is what we all had at some stage in our journeys - to creating something of substance.

#7 DO choose a niche that you’re interested in or passionate about

If you enjoy the subject matter, it’s far easier to want to work on your website, do research and speak with your audience. Things that you’re interested in and are actively buying offer a natural opportunity.

#8 DON’T spend three weeks choosing a niche

There’s no such thing as the perfect niche. You can create a business out of any niche.

#9 DO choose a niche with a rich subset of products

How many products and services are there in your niche? If your website is geared towards a single product you won’t be able to build a long-term authority site with room for endless growth.

#10 DON’T look at competition when you enter a niche

There will be competition everywhere, but there are incredible pockets within every niche.

#11 DO look at competition when you research keywords

This is where it becomes important.

#12 DO appreciate the human element to your business

People can get far too lost in the process and forget there are real people reading their content. It’s going to be really transparent if you’re merely focussed on making money out of people.

#13 DO keep it simple

Business is very simple - you have a product or service and you have a customer. Your goal is to connect the two through relevance.

#14 DON’T choose to promote a product solely because it’s a higher ticket

You’re aiming for longevity and trustworthiness in your niche so you want to promote products that are relevant and will offer the most value to your audience.

#15 DO provide people with an exact solution to their problem

Don’t just have a couple of general products that you’re putting in all over the place. The product on each page needs to be hyper-relevant to the post it’s being promoted on.

#16 DO join more affiliate programs than just Amazon

Even if just to get a feel for them, try something other than Amazon. There are affiliate programs that offer better commission structures and longer term cookies with great products.

#17 DO aim for low hanging fruit keywords

It’s better to be ranked for 100 keywords that get 10 clicks a month than not be ranked under 100 keywords that are getting 10,000 clicks a month.

#18 DO target longer search phrases

Instead of targeting ‘Make Money Online’, target a keyword like ‘How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing’ because inside of that keyword you’re targeting ‘How to Make Money Online’, ‘Make Money Online’, ‘Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing’, ‘Affiliate Marketing’, ‘Make Money’... Remember that single posts can rank under multiple keywords.

#19 DON’T be involved in everything all at once

There are a lot of people teaching different things out there. Many people feel they need to do everything all at once, but this is a real complication when you’re building a business.

#20 DO work hard over a sustained period of time

You need to be a do’er. The same people that say they “don’t have time” to build a business are the same people that say “this year just flew by”. You can accomplish a lot in a year. You have to make it work.

#21 DO be realistic about the process

It’s completely normal to be building a business and not making any money for the first few months. Affiliate marketing is not harder than anything else you’ve done in life. Give yourself the credit that you can accomplish and give yourself time to be successful.

#22 DO Immerse yourself in your niche

Your niche and your audience should be something that you’re thinking about all the time, on the tip of your tongue. Do keyword research, set up google alerts, read news and magazines.

#23 DO change your niche if you want to

If you’re not passionate about something, drop the niche and move on to another. You’ll get it up and running much quicker second time around.

These are tips I’ll be revisiting.

I’m very grateful for the class and hope my notes are some help to you too.



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Thanks for this, i am now realizing some of the things i need to focus more on and things to change for my business to be successful
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thank you Kyle for always giving great insight
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This is a great write up of Kyle's video Emma and very useful too. Thank you. :) Gail
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