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February 24, 2017
I remember a saying that ent along the lines of it takes a hundred words to build you up and only a few to bring you down. I am at the stage of my WA journey whereby I bit the bullet and go premium or not.My concern is that I won't make any money from this experience and that it will cost me money I don't really have. But I am looking at it from the perspective of an investment in myself. Right???? I think I should toss a coin and let God or the universe decide. But I really hope if I follow th
February 23, 2017
I have been really surprised by the help and assistance that is available on this site and within the community. it is such a pleasure to be associated with you all. One of the most amazing things I am learning is the new language or vocabulary and their meaning such as keywords, affiliates, dashboard, rank. When I was trying to explain these concepts to my partner he initially thought I had affiliated myself with the military and was trying to learn a secret code. Probably some stupid game thi
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February 22, 2017
I thought finding a niche would be a difficult thing to do. fortunately, for me the opposite is true. I am interested in so many things and have researched so many things that I may be initially overloaded at what to choose. However, maybe something profitable would be a good start. Profitability is a great focus and naturally is the reason I started on this journey in the first place. I need to make some money. As a newbie, who needs an income it would make sense to concentrate on income. But
February 21, 2017
I am a newbie, who has just taken the momumental step of joing Wealthy Affiliate. As a thoroughly modern woman and internet novice, I am somewhat sceptical. After all scammers lurk under every click. Waiting to pounce on unsuspecting newbies like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Naturally I approached this site with the proper degree of scepticism and respect. From the first click I have been waiting for the upsell, the hidden cost, the well we will give you this but actually you get that. I have b