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April 05, 2017
One of the best things I have learned so far from WA and all of the wonderful people here is to broaden my horizons.I had been limiting myself in regard to my site. Mostly, by not feeling confident enough to change the theme, reboot the name a name abit, tidy up posts etc. But I did that today, and the world didn't end, and it was a great excercise. Mostly because it showed me that this whole experience is a learning one and it will take time. Some things won't work, but a lot will and i just h
April 02, 2017
As some of you may know I live in Brisbane, Queensland , Australia and the north of my state was hit by a ferocious cyclone called Debbie last week. Once she crossed the coast she became a rain depression and traveled down the coast reeking flooding rain and gale force winds for over 1500 kms.We received over 500mm of rain and strong winds but because we are high had no flooding, thankfully. The worst consequence where I live is that we have lost phone, mobile, internet, power and had downed tr
March 30, 2017
Yahoo completed course 2 and now on to course 3. Loving WA.
March 28, 2017
Today, I thought it would be interesting to find out something about landing pages. Normally my first poert of call to find out anything is Google. Not this time.I simply turned straight to WA first. I looked at live video classes and found all the information I wanted. But!!!!!I was like a kid in candy store...ohhh....I can do that.....I will do that one.....oh i never heard of that......I am sure some of you have experienced this while they are looking through different areas of WA. It is gre
I am quite sure many of you are going to be able to relate to the statement "what part of I'm working do you not understand"!For some reason known only to Murphy and the Greek God's of "But", if you are sitting at a computer you cannot possibly be busy. Sitting at the computer obviously means it's fine for everyone in the family or friends or neighbours, or the dog, or the latest phone scam people to ring you, visit you, ask for stuff, and /or whine.I know that may sound over the top or even ha
March 18, 2017
A great quote by my favourite author. Keep up the great work everybody.
March 09, 2017
When I first started with WA, I was so excited but a little apprehensive about writing on my site everyday. That was my goal to write something everyday. No problem, I can do that....maybe.....sometimes.....occasionally.As it turns out, I have discovered something that I thought was impossible. I can write something everyday. Gee, who knew. Not only that but I sincerely doubted I could think of enough to write for one site let alone two. You guessed it, I have two sites and my mind is full of s
When I first began my WA journey, I was caught up in the excitement of what I was learning. I love to learn so was definately in my element. Certification and Bootcamp, I was in seventh heaven.No problem I can do this, says my oh so naive little brain, caught on the euphoric high of learning. I can have multiple sites, no problem. ahhhh yeh, right. Worse I thought I could easily handle the certification course and Bootcamp on different levels. Easy, how hard could that be? I can rock this stuff
February 25, 2017
I had a funny experience today and learned a great lesson. Perhaps learnt is a bit of a misnomer because I doubt I will change my behaviour because of it. lol.I was researching keywords for my webpage, so far no problem, before I realised it 3 hours had passed. Ok it is Sunday here and a pleasant way to pass the afternoon.The problem was that I followed so many threads that I forgot what I was originally researching. Not good. It probably would have been wise to actually use some of the save to