Error:Unable to connect to your AWeber Account ():
Please make sure you entered the complete authorization code and try again.
But it will not take the code aweber gives me?

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Layne Premium
I had the same problems, I ditched the plugin and just copied and pasted the code into a "text" widget. Works great.
whitsunday Premium
Hi Stan. I would close it and start again. Make sure you copy and paste the code. Don't copy it manually, that's where little mistakes happen. High light the code - Right click on your mouse - copy - move cursor to space where code must go - right click - paste your code in the space provided.
Otherwise, I found this training from Jay Neil (Magistudios). He's the guy who does the WA webinars. J
MKearns Premium
BeauAndNik Premium
Have you tried contacting Aweber??? This is their product after all.
Plume1 Premium
THANK YOU. FOR YOUR HELP! AWeber tells me it is a firewall issue. I just need to use my personal computer where I have more control.