I am big on outsourcing my blog articles to content mills such as HireWriters and Ranking-Articles. I was wondering if anyone has experience with them in writing an email series. Or is there a better alternative?

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Kyle Premium Plus
One thing that I should mention here is that your email connection to your audience should be viewed as a personal relationship with your audience.

If you are outsourcing this and your emails feel "disingenuous" or lack transparency, then you are going to have much less in the way of results.

I personally would never recommend outsourcing my email series, in particular if you are capable of writing. Your authenticity will shine through if you are create the content yourself and truly aim to help your audience and establish a fruitful (and long term) relationship with them.
NathanConner Premium
I agree with you, Kyle. I just struggle with consistently writing emails to my lists. I can usually start out strong writing my own emails, but eventually, I have a hard time keeping things going, and the lists often end up dead or unresponsive. I just thought there might be some resources to help keep my lists engaged.