Hi guys, I am looking to put an email sign up onto my website. Which provider would you recommend? I have been looking at Get Response and Constant Contact. I am not keen on Mailchimp since I have heard they are a bit funny about affiliate marketing.
Looking forward to hearing your feedback.
Thanks Anke

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petervcrisp Premium
Hello, Anke I did a review on a product called IMSC Rapid Mailer and compared the major autoresponders. It has no ongoing monthly fees http://onlineaffiliatewealth.com/imsc-rapid-mailer-review
Elijah1916 Premium
TrafficWave has affiliate program.
Martstervt Premium
Hi Anke,
Aweber is another good one. I just signed up for Mad Mimi but found out it may not be good for affiliate Marketing. So I am reopening my investigation.
SumoMe is a plugin that goes with the major auto responders. It also has many good features such as SM sharing, heat maps and analytics.
PJ has an excellent tutorial on SumoMe. I tried to pass the link but it didn't take. You can probably get it from him. Well worth a look.

Roybretton Premium Plus
Hi Anke, I actually use the Aweber autoresponder, I have used this for several years, so it is difficult to change now! I have heard people say that "Get response" is slightly more user-friendly, so it may be worth taking a look. I have used Constant Contact several years ago, but at the time this was more of a marketing service rather than an auto-responder, this may have now changed, as it was several years ago! I hope this helps.

All the best,