Hey guys,

I created a FB ad a few days ago. I created a landing page, lead magnet, and all other elements of a marketing funnel.

I got 80 clicks on my ad (sign up button/link) according to the FB ads manager so far. This means that 80 people have landed on my landing page.

However, when I go to GetResponse (I'm using their subdomain for a landing page), their report shows only 8 visits to the page and one signup.

How does that make any sense? Does anyone have any experience with this that could shed some light on this weird weird situation?

Both stats are in real-time, by the way.

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WelcomeMM Premium
Thanks for raising this question because I also experienced the same with a FB ad and Getresponse Landing Page.

Someone who is more knowledgeable is there to assist.

Will look out for an answer.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I would monitor my ad sets and change them according to my most viewed, so you start with a wider search, then study demographics views according to interests, narrow down your search to leverage your ads if that makes sense, till you find a sweet spot onto which you can scale.

With Facebook you can do various ad sets like engagement or conversions etc.

However, Partha and as usual covered it in more depth.
ParthaB Premium
Hey Ivan,

It depends on which "clicks" metric you're looking at on Facebook.

They have "Clicks" which is basically any interaction with your ad. So, this can actually include likes, shares, comments, clicks to your Facebook page, profile photo, etc.

Then there's "Link Clicks", which can also include clicks on comments, to your Facebook profile, etc

The nearest metric to website visitors is "outbound clicks", which is basically when people have actually left Facebook (so to actually visit your site).

However, even then there is a chance that they didn't actually visit your website (there's a stat that claims 50% of Facebookers click the back button if the website page doesn't load within 3 seconds). Also people do accidentally click, especially when scrolling on mobile, and then immediately click back.

There is a way to create a Facebook Ads manager landing page views, but I'm afraid I can't remember exactly how to do it (I'll have a look for you, I know I'll have it in a file somewhere).

I know it involves using the dropdown menus in your ads Manager account.

Choose the "columns" dropdown menu and choose "performance" and then on then "breakdown" dropdown menu choose "placement and device"...

But, then I know there's one more thing you have to do after that, but I can't remember what it is, lol. Sorry mate.

I'll have a look through my files/notes, although it might take a while.

DMelB Premium
Gee... some weird happenings on FB.
Could be not everyone is clicking thru to Aweber, only the FB portion.

I've also heard some complaints about FB.
I ran a small ad recently, ever since then it seems as though my posts to groups is being sabotage in order to get me to keep running ads.
I've also heard of this happening before, now I understand.

Hope you get to the bottom of it.

RCanty Premium Plus
Ivan, I am waiting on an answer too!