I would like to introduce myself; my name is Matt Daniels.

I have a serious amount of quality sites and I would like to advise a
free link exchange offer with bestbargainsmartphones.com or any different sites you own.
You will surely be glad to know that I'm having many ideas for link exchange
which I am sure will be to our advantage and come in handy in our rankings in Google.

Please let me know if you interested in more information, or have any other things to say on the matter.

Waiting to hear your respond,

Matt Daniels
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Shawn Martin Premium
Link building is a very risky business and one I would avoid completely.
ChrisTowers Premium
Am i right in thinking that the links are only of any value if they are connected to your niche? I mean ... ok my site niche is aimed at relationships. .. to link exchange with a site aimed at smartphones.. TVs .. Video cameras etc would seem pointless wouldn't it?...

Ok it is a link .. but a useless one/none relevant... and doesn't Google see it that way too?

I'm interested to know


steveo5770 Premium
I believe your assessment to be correct. I personally don't get involved with link exchanges or building back links and I rank just fine.
ChrisTowers Premium
There's the answer then :)
TheOldSilly Premium
I'd tread carefully, check this site out and do some due diligence before you agree to exchange links. You could open yourself up to spam. But if it's legit, it could be a win-win.
aspenlife Premium
I think he wants you to put a link on one or more of your websites to his website and in exchange he will put a link you your site on his website. Can be a good way to drive traffic to your site. Just make sure that you're not in competition with him!
IMc Premium
Don't start linking to any sites that spam you. It wont help your ranking with Google & will harm it if you have a lot of back links from spammy sites. The big G prefers quality to quantity of backlinks.