Hey. I need some advice. I started my website/blog because I'm truly interested in mindset, health, nutrition, fitness, entrepreneurship and overall becoming a better version of myself. So I have this website, but my brain suddenly stopped working when I tried to figure out how I will do it with my subscribers that signed up to my mailing list. There are many different "niches" on my blog so what should I do? I mean, how should I present stuff since I have like fitness, make money, family, etc. Some may only be interested in one thing for example family and get a mail about fitness. I feel this was a very clumsy way to explain, but hope you got it! Thank you for your time!

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countrylife Premium
Hey I am Lula.
Can I learn from your experience if you do not mind?
Wishing you a terrific day.
IAnum1 Premium
You will need an autoresponder for this. Most allow segmentation of subscribers, so only a particular list of people who sign up for an info or product get the next related information, which can be by email. Make a search in Google for the best autoresponders.

also check up the post below on how to categorise your posts
loslobos1964 Premium
thank you for answering, but of course, I use autoresponders. That was not the question.
feigner Premium
if you have multiple parts on your site then you have a lot more work to do on a newsletter to satisfy all of them
ideally you need to create a section for each part of your site to give value to your subscribers
so hints and tips with an offer on one of the sections this month/week and another section next month/week
it is a lot easier if you have a focused narrow niche
maybe what you ought to have is a different signup for each section of your site....
this way you cn see what sections are popular and focus your newsletter on that section.....
have fun