I created an email account but have not checked how to access it. So, how do I access it?

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YvonneBray Premium
Good question and I see you have an answer.
AMelcher1 Premium
Thank you YvonneB.
feigner Premium
if it is a standard email account then click on websites - sitemanager -site emails ( tab at the top )
all of your emails you have created are listed here
click on password and copy just the password ( double clicking will add an extra character at the start of the password)
and then click login
you will need to type in your email address and then paste the password and press enter
if you created an email forward - there will be no login as there is no inbox everything is forwarded to where you sent it....
i hope that helps
AMelcher1 Premium
Thank you Feigner, I had forgotten how to get into the email. My brain is 'fried". But, I am still in the race.