I created a landing page on my website using Elementor Pro. I have also created a new free Aweber account for this website.

I've searched their help pages , as well as searched for videos on the YT, yet, cannot seem to find how to do the following:

Connect my landing page to my Aweber account.

I did not see any uploading options.

What are the next steps?

Anyone know, or can point me to a specific training here on WA?


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BrightSales Premium
Providing you set up your Aweber account the right way, you should be able to copy the code link from Aweber and paste it in your landing page and save. This should collect all your customer E-mails and help you to set up and send out offers from Aweber platform automatically or manually. May this be of use to you friend. All the best!
1Rudy1 Premium
Finally...I knew there was a way....cool...thank you, my friend!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for sharing the answer. I needed to know this.
BrightSales Premium
You're always welcome friend. All the best!
davebux Premium Plus
Rudy, a good question. Can I ask that when you do have a solution that works, please publish a blog for all of us. It will be really handy to know.
Thank you
1Rudy1 Premium
Hey Dave,

I just submitted a post about my landing page ordeal...I can't retrieve the link while writing this, here's the short version:

I decided to stay with my Elementor landing page and now it's my home page, for the time being.

My Elementor landing page was a much better result overall.
Aweber uses an editor that drove me crazy because the settings bar would partially block the area to add text. Yeah, not fun.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Good to know this, Rudy!
Shawntrout Premium

so you want to have a email capture on your landing page? let me know if that is correct.

1st where did you create your landing page? because aweber has landing pages with email capture built right in so that would be completely synced.

or if you are in aweber there is a tab for sign up forms. you will create your form and at the end of the form (email capture) it will ask how you want to install it. select HTML, and wherever you want the email capture, using elementor insert a custom code block and copy and paste that HTML code into it.

let me know if that helps at all or not. Thanks!

1Rudy1 Premium
Thanks, Shawn...

as I said, I created the page using elementor pro.

It seems my only recourse is to create a landing page with aweber.
Mick-D Premium
Not sure Rudy, I use Mailchimp and had fun getting my head around their info.
I will be interested to see some of the comments.
I did begin with Get Response but gave it a miss, after it ran me in circles around the paddock a few times.
1Rudy1 Premium
Yeah, I'm not sure, either, after looking at the example. I'm just not getting it, or something...

I'm at Aweber, have created a list, but I want to connect my landing page to the Aweber, and NOT create a new landing page on Aweber...

Back to the drawing board, I guess...or maybe the dinner table, it has been a while since I ate anything today...lol.
1Rudy1 Premium
Great minds think alike. See Keisha's post...grin

Great find, both of you!
Dorrie1 Premium Plus