Hi Guys,

I have a client who needs a website and i want to set it up from within WA. Given the fact that she wants an email, how can she access her email going by how we navigate ours from WA?
Looking forward to your responses.

Thank you


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LMH1968 Premium
Great question and great answers
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, you have to login to WA, and fetch the passwords, however they can login to https://webmail.siterubix.com/ direct.

Forward to Gmail Forward to Outlook To access website independent of WA

Obiwankanobi Premium
Can they change the password?
AbieAJ Premium
Best if forwarded to Gmail or Outlook.

Believe with a website possible, however not with a webmail.

Another option is to speak to support direct
nathaniell Premium
I checked and it looks like they cannot change their password in Webmail. YOU can change it for them from your WA dashboard, but not them. Perhaps you could present this as a security backup, so that you always can be used as a backup plan if they lose their password.

Alternatively, you can just set them up with a forward. That way, there's no webmail login, and they can manage their password through their choice of email manager.
Obiwankanobi Premium
Hi Nath,

Thanks for this great information. I appreciate.