Hi, I was wondering if anybody has experienced the disappearance of their g mail accounts
I have more than one gmail account and all the other except my main one have just disappeared
Is anyone else experiencing this

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Pro2100 Premium
Barry looks like you have a gremlin virus, It could just be your server?
Starcreator Premium
I have not had a problem with it. I have two accounts myself.
joskieman Premium
no I have never had my gmail go away or disappear for no reason. are you talking about your Gmail account if so send Google a message or an email and see if they can help you.
bazboy247 Premium
How do I send google an e mail
KD6PAO Premium
Hey Barry. I never have ... don't know how that could just happen!
nathaniell Premium Plus
I have not, but someone write a post the other day saying all the messages in their email had been deleted. Related? Not sure.