Let's spark up a conversation about the most effective way to deliver a follow-up sequence to your email subscribers. Do you email people every day? Do you send people every week? Every month? How often is too often, and when does it become too long in between contact with your subscribers? There are many strategies and methods to keeping in contact with people who sign-up to your email lists and there is no ONE answer about how often to contact people within a follow-up sequence. I want to get this discussion going by posting a question. When you sign-up to an email list. How often do you like to be contacted? Daily? Every other Day? Weekly? Monthly? With email marketing there are many different strategies that you can use with regards to the time period between follow-up emails and I will discuss them as this discussion gets going. Carson
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JessieMosley Premium
I have not got to start on email subscriptions. Is that in the training?
tmamarketing Premium
Carson, I was searching for more info on this topic. There is a debate in my primary biz about email marketing.... I personally don't read that many emails a day. So I put myself in my readers view. But the debate is to email 2x a day morning and evening...So I am trying to offer value in one email not necessary related to my opp-using my blog...
(building relationship,trust, individuals...my model), and social proof on the other email....I will see how it goes....feedback welcomed
This really depends on the topic in the subscription. It could be as many as three or even more emails per day if it is something I'm REALLY interested in AND the content being offered isn't all sales for this and for that.

I like my email subscriptions to be useful, educational and, of course, I understand that it also serves the purpose of promoting our wares. When I notice a subscription that is purely those with a few words, a few tidbits of useful information, but always come with a link scattered throughout it leading to some video or sales page, I dump 'em.

The one thing I firmly believe in is, telling prospective email subscribers what to expect, about how often these emails will arrive to their inboxes, and strictly adhere to that.

If there is a change in the delivery, well, then we should announce that before making the changes. This shows your list that you respect them and are not trying to cram stuff down their throats.

For one, since I've been here at WA, many of the subscriptions I now have Internet marketing-related, I can no longer stomach. Time is the only thing keeping me from getting off these lists.

When it comes to WA emails, even though it has taken over my email account, I simply moved everything else to another email account and now have it exclusive to WA and WSS emails. This alone produces about 70 emails per day! I don't mind. For most anything else, one email per day is plenty!
mama2karsten Premium
(the following opinions are based on my professional experience and formed opinions)

Depends what the goal is...If it is Seth Godin's morning letter... I look forward to it... I signed up to learn more... and he is delivering...I learn something new about marketing and/or content with each and every morning note.

If it is BrianTracy (and many others like him)... one is too much! Sell, sell,sell!
As a long time Marketing professional, I understand one needs to generate revenue and make a profit. But not by annoying your customer every day with a new offer or pitch... and certainly not to those who won't even open your messages anymore.
How many people that read this note do you think will now sign up for more information from the "guru" Brian Tracy? People tell other people about their experiences. I rest my case.

If you have the privilege of someone sharing their email address with you... NEVER abuse the privilege. This is a rare opportunity you have been given to communicate, share and build trust with a potential customer... If they signed up for more info, or to learn more... then that is what they want from you... If they signed up to get discount coupons, then give them some.... At least give them what they want and always exceed expectation and you will be fine. This is a lifelong relationship you have the opportunity to build... don;t blow it! If they like and trust you... they will likely do business with you at some point if you have what they need... they are still valuable whether they do business with you or not... they have friends... and they will tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends... there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth. Craft your messages to match what they have requested from you. See what can happen when you love and respect your customers? It's no more complicated then that.
Carson Premium
I couldn't agree more. Offer value and gain the trust of your subscribers and they will accept email from you more frequently, and in many cases look forward to the next one. But in order to gain this trust it's going to require an offering of content that helps the user.

Email marketing can be a driving force behind a business a long as the emails are full of value.
fisheagle Premium
I had one guy emailing me 3, YES Three times Per Day! Each with a promotion! The money is in the List ... Right! Needless to say I Unsubscribed from his list pretty quickly! I think that once a week in general is adequate unless you have something informative for you readers, then you can slip in an extra one during the week. Just an opinion.
Carson Premium
Well said, and I can agree with you that when there is something of value that your subscribers can learn from that more frequent emails are worth it. When it comes to follow up sequences, it's important to consider the perceived value that the sequence its self presents. In the case of this guy who emailed you 3 times a day, how good do you think his product would have been? It most likely belongs in the graveyard that it sits in right now!

Value within the follow-up sequence is essential to building a relationship with the people on your list and the more value you can provide, the more frequent you can contact people but there is a limit no matter how much value you give. Three times a day is definitely NOT recommended!!