Dear Administration WA,
in connection with the payment of which I do not agree to the membership.
but (WA) transactions without approval from me. this morning. 07/05/2026
then I hope (WA) returns me the money.
to my bank account, the transaction total of $ 42.60 US dollars ..
yes, I am well past the time for payment of the membership fee.
but I need to explain, I want to stop being a member (WA) because I was too busy with Marketing online what I have created.

Edy Muttaqin

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MarionBlack Premium
To cancel your membership go to your Account Settings
Under "Subscription Settings' you'll see 'Membership' and on the right is 'Manage'. Click on "Manage" and cancel your membership. If you don't tell them they don't know you want to leave.

You'll have 30 days to move your website to another hosting service.
Ivine Premium
Hi, sorry to see you go. Irv.
Happy12 Premium
Sorry this happened, I'm sure this will get resolved.
stevecox Premium
Well, at least now we will know what happens on July 5, 2026. W we can mark that on our calendars !
ChrisScott Premium
Wow!!! A redirect from 9 years 11 months in the future. Cool!!