Hi Everyone,

I was wondering before, I transfer my domain from Namecheap to here, if I can use a domain for a self hosted autoresponder? Or does it not matter.

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wideman Premium
Where will the autoresponder hosted?
lakbar12 Premium
I'm trying to use my WA hosting and then add the domain to Cloudfare.
wideman Premium
I would be surprised if WA would allow it but you should run it by support.
lakbar12 Premium
Yeah! I was thinking they wouldn't allow it but, you're right I am going to ask support and see what they say. I think the Cloudflare part is what will disqualify me...lol. But, we'll see it never hurts to ask. Thank you, for your help!
wideman Premium
I have a Website I cannot host here because I need a port open on the server. You may get lucky if the software is treated like a plugin.
lakbar12 Premium
Oh, then yeah! They probably won't don't it.

I haven't set it all the way up. So from what I can tell it's not a plugin.
lakbar12 Premium
I got the answer back. You were right! No, it can not be done!

They said they are unable to support Cloud-flare and maintain optimal site performance for our users.

Thanks for your help! I appreciate it....
wideman Premium
Sorry. I got a similar response. Hope you find a suitable solution ;-)
lakbar12 Premium
It's okay and thank you!
JohnJStanley Premium
Great! So are you going to transfer your site over to WA hosting?
OR will you keep if outside so you can use Cloud-flare?
By the way, what is a self-hosted Auto-Responder? How does that work compared to Get Response, aWeber etc?
lakbar12 Premium
Hi John,

I have a site here at WA already, and it's hosted here. I don't plan on moving that site.

The domain that I was questioning, I will not bring over to WA because they don't allow Cloudflare.

As far as the self-hosted autoresponder, it's something that I am learning and testing out myself.

By the way, while I am testing this feature I still have Getresponse but, anyhow a self-hosted autoresponder is where you literally host and maintain your own server, email deliverablities and so on.

You basically call many of the shots. Of course, while following the I-Cann spam laws.

So there are several self-hosted AR platforms. I don't know them all but, here are a few that I've heard of.

Amazon (yes this is the real Amazon)

SES https://aws.amazon.com/ses/ <=(not an affiliate just info)

Anyhow, it is supposed to help you save thousands as your list grows bigger.

You can freely import/export your list without limitation.
It's a lot to learn and setting it up can be a bit techy...(however, there are people on Fiverr that will do it for you but, of course it needs to be done right)

Cost to maintain every month is based on your hosting fee.

($3.50 per month is the cheapest I saw but, when your list gets bigger the hosting can be higher.)

Self-hosted can hold millions of emails but, again, its a lot involved with setting up and maintaining the list.

Your IP must be warned up.

(unlike with other reputable autoresponders such as Aweber or Getrepsonse, their IPs are already warmed up from all the paying customers sending emails.)

They are also ready to rock without having to learn anything but sending out an email.

If you wanted to email out 1000 people on Getresponse from day one you could but, with a self-hosted, you have to take your time to warm up your IP before, you can start emailing thousands or millions per day or hour...(which I wouldn't do but, you can if your IP was up to par.)

If done incorrectly your IP and or domain can get blacklisted

(So you never want to use a domain that is valuable to you)

The downside is the opt-in forms aren't like Getresponse or Aweber.

Self-hosted has no opt-in form at least not yet.

Instead, It's HTML code.

You have to maintain, spam, blacklist, and deliverability rate with self-hosted.

It can be a lot of work but, I've also heard that it can turn into many different opportunities which is what I am looking into now.

(I've heard people can start solo ad businesses this way and some other opportunities that I am not yet familiar with)

When I write reviews I join some of the programs, for one to see how they work, if it's legit and if they offer leads, they're yours.

If you paid for the leads, they are yours to keep and upload into your own autoresponder.

The only thing is Aweber has been known to shut down accounts, even if you sent the leads to a cleaning service.

And Getresponse doesn't like it either.

My Getrepsonse can only hold 1k leads, then I am over the pricing...So, I decided to test self-hosted out and see how it works.